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Sailor Moon Fanfiction

This section managed by Sailor Pluto

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Senshi's of Light By Silentwall
Neoqueens rating: This is an excellent poem! It was written to go with one
of the Sailor Galaxia songs from Sailor Moon Stars. Except it was called Senshi's
of Light.
Rating: Unforetunetly I have to rate this poem PG-13 because of the cuss word
in it. Forgive me, Silentwall! *sob* --..

Senshi Poems By Silentwall
Neoqueen's rating: Another of my favorite writers, Silentwall, these poems
are good to! Read 'em.
Rating: Exceptional for all ages.

Mercury's Theme By Silentwall
Neoqueen's rating: Another beatiful piece of work by Silentwall, a 'must
read poem' for any mercury fan. Another song with words to it!
Rating: PG, slight mention of death and such but no bad words.

Saturn's Theme By Silentwall
Neoqueen's rating: Another masterpiece! By Silentwall, a must for any Sailor Saturn
fan, it's based on the manga. Another song with words fic, (no not a song fic!)
Rating: PG, for death and so on.