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Welcome to my Webpage. This welcome page is to tell you a little about it. First of all, I tolerate any and all forms of fanfiction. Within reasonable terms of course. You'd have to have the most perverted mind on Earth for me to not accept your fanfiction. One of my other terms is that it usually must be anime. Every now and then I will accept other fanfiction. Most of the time only if it is a recent movie that came out, that I have seen! I have to have seen it for you to be allowed to post it. This may seem unfair but it's the way I do things. (Don't worry I've seen the Lord of the Rings.)
I do not tolerate people stealing other's fanfiction, that's why I joined the Gundam preservation society. So their will be blocks so that no one can take it. Without permission of course.
I allow you to post pictures with your fanfiction, so simply send the pictures with the e-mail and I will upload them to the site.(Same goes for music and backgrounds) I don't accept people taking my pictures so if you want them e-mail me and I will send you them. If you like a picture or background or midi,asx, ect,...I have then ask me and I will put it with your fanfiction.
Next of all....I am not God. I never will be and I don't deserve to be, so I cannot do every possible html code! I am not an html genius! Please don't pressure me, I will look up something but that doesn't mean I'll be able to do it, or that I'll know how to. Sorry.
Wanna be part of the staff? Ok, The staff members will not have access to make changes on the pages. However they will be able to have access to different areas of the site which other web surfers will not. As a member of the staff, you would be able to vote on changes of the site, and have different rankings. You would also be incharge of any big changes made to your section of the site. At this time all positions are open. Including:

//Sailor Moon// Sailor Mercury// Sailor Venus// Sailor Mars// Sailor Jupiter// Sailor Saturn// Sailor Uranus// Sailor Neptune// Sailor Pluto// Sailor Mini Moon// Sailor Star Fighter// Sailor Star Maker// Sailor Star Healer// Sailor Galaxia//

To become a staff member e-mail me who you wish to be, then I will send you a test of 10 questions about this senshi. You have to know at least 8 out of these ten to become that senshi. One of these questions is rigged, so that you might not know the answer even if you looked at any website possible but don't worry it's a 'yes' or 'no' question. I give you 24 hours after I have sent you the quiz to respond and if you don't you do not recieve that spot on the staff, and you cannot try out for it for another week. However you can try out as many times as you need to but the questions will always be different.
Only one person can have that appionted spot, so when it's taken, it's gone from the list. Boys can try out and so can girls, I reallly don't care. There is one exception however, if you wish to be Sailor Moon, I will be asking you more and harder questions.
I love to read fanfiction so I read everything that's sent in. But I only comment on the front page, and I never give bad comments I always look on the bright side! ^^ I'm an optomist! Except when it comes to my own work....*sob*! Oh well, anyway I hope that after going thru this if you have anymore questions just e-mail me! Thanxs!

Some Welcome music for you!

Sorry, I like depressing music!