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Living on Light

A breatharian is a person who is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink. Breatharianism is within human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but not said that it is an easy task.

One day breatharianism will be widely known and considered the natural thing that it is.

I made this page to: 1 Provide with information about a very interesting subject. 2 Spread information about breatharianism, making it more known and accepted. 3 Try finding a scientific explanation/proof of breatharianism. 4 Share with my perspective and experiences of becoming and being a breatharian. / Hopefully this page is useful!

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Starting September 13 I was on a tour holding seminars across Poland. The topic was living on light, and related topics. A link to see more about my seminars: Tour of Poland

May 31st to June 2nd I was at a seminar about breatharianism, held in Poznan, Poland.
About my lectures

I am writing a book about breatharianism and related topics! More about
my book on breatharianism!

Update Breatharianism 2010 --- New Page December 1 2010
Definition (no longer available)
Why eat, or why not eat?
Questions and Answers
Before proceeding with breatharianism
--How it works--
The nourishing light - how breatharianism works.
The nourishing light #2 - chakras, glands, nutrients.
An article about Light Tech which I wrote
Illustrated explanation as to how breatharianism works
Comparing different sources of breatharian nourishment - light, prana, sunlight etc
Nutrition Chemistry - a more detailed explanation of what happens
Consciousness - the key to breatharianism
Update: I have found Prana
Two types of Breatharians - and the differences
Breatharian Physiology - the body of one who lives on light
Proof of breatharianism - or why we don't need to eat.
Food as a means of discovering breatharianism
Food Choices - why we choose specific foods
Unnecessary foods - things we really don't need to eat
Hunger - the reasons we eat
Food Spirits - may be experienced during fasting
Our body from a more than physical perspective
Chakras - our 'invisible' consciousness organs
Unconditional love - and the pink chakra
Skincolor - related to breatharianism?
Diseases - which are food related.
Ageing vs Immortality
Sacred Geometry (will be added)
Various theories
--Becoming a breatharian--
How to prepare for breatharianism.
Warnings - when is it dangerous?
Signs of possibly unsuccessful breatharianism
Problems with physical health
About fasting.
Water - don't forget about it!
Detoxification - don't attempt breatharianism without it!
How to reach Breatharianism
The process of becoming a breatharian, according to the best of my experience
Lifestyle of a breatharian
Changes once you've become a breatharian
A page about myself (no longer available)
How I found breatharianism (no longer available)
More about my own experience
Breatharianism on other webpages:
Life Style Without Food in four languages, by Joachim M Werdin
Website of Evelyn Levy and Steve Torrence
The webpage of a breatharian couple
John McAlpin's webpage - excellent insight into breatharianism
Wiley Brooks - a breatharian
About breatharianism
Excellent articles about breatharianism!
The Hunza people - not breatharians, but close by!

Jasmuheen (to the left) is a great inspiration for many aspiring breatharians. She has gone public about being breatharian, and helps many realize their inner wish of living on light. If it weren't for her book, "Living on Light", I don't know when, or if ever, I would have known what was right for me all along. Thank you Jasmuheen. :)
I recommend her books. Jasmuheen provides with guidelines, information, interesting reading about breatharianism and more.
A page about Jasmuheen's work.
Jasmuheen's webpage.

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December 1 2010