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Breatharian nourishment An illustrated explanation of breatharian nourishment
- according to me

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Light nourishment
We perceive our body through
our human senses. But when do
we remember that our senses are
limited? There exist more sounds
than we can hear, and more things
than we can feel, and more things
than we can see. Even our own body
has aspects to it which we can
not perceive, such that we would not
live without, whether we see them
or not, whether we believe they exist
or not.

Our body has seven main chakras.
A chakra is an energy centre within
our energy flow. A chakra is like
a heart in our blood flow. Each
chakra maintains our energy flow
and supports organs, glands and
other body parts with vital life energy.
Consciousness, awareness of ourselves,
keeps the chakras active. But it's
when we deny, ignore or are unaware
of parts of ourselves when a chakra
can become dormant.

Although all of us have the seven main
chakras, most people have only red one
active, or red, orange and yellow.
But of course there is a great variety
of the set up of chakras active within
an individual. An active chakra emanates
an energy of its color, which can be
seen in the aura surrounding a person.
Those who do not have all chakras active
usually get a black base in the aura.
As we learn more of ourselves and of life,
chakras awaken according to our awareness.

When a person has all seven chakras active,
the energy flow is activated. A strong flow
of energy, called the Kundalini, rises up along
the spine and each chakra. Reaching the top
chakra, this chakra changes from violet to
white. The base of the aura turns into white.
At this stage, many things become possible
such as breatharianism. It is all within our
potential, awaiting to be discovered as we
grow more experienced in life and realize
more about ourselves, of each other, and
of life itself.

Why active chakras are required for breatharianism
Not only do chakras support glands, other organs and the entire physical body. Chakras are also vital for the ability to manifest the body from light alone.
When all chakras are active, and our DNA is active and magnetic, and the top chakra - 7th or crown chakra - turns white, our body manifests itself without requiring food. Our aura becomes white, and each of our cells fill with white and get their own energy production which does not depend on calories from food. And as this light flows through our body, whenever there is the need of any cell or part of our body, the DNA becomes magnetic in its equivalent of the code for that particular cell. DNA is sound, and this particular sound acts as a prism, separating the required colors from the light, and the colors manifest the required part of the body.
When a person does not have all chakras active, and the Kundalini is not awakened, nor is the DNA magnetic, and light does not flow in the required way, a person can in no way separate any colors from the light. That is why average people require food to support them with body material, and why they will starve and die without food.

Do we really need chakra activity to reach breatharianism?
Yes, we do. I believe it to be so. If we are telepathic, our 6th chakra is active. If we are unconditionally loving, 4th chakra is active. And even breatharianism, being an occurence within our body, requires the energy to happen. One could say that chakras are the organs of non-physical body functions. Without a heart, our blood can't flow. Without lungs, we can not breathe. And, without chakras, we can't reach breatharianism. And the fact is, most people do have many chakras dormant. And, most people die without food.

Why don't people usually have all chakras active?
We have so much within our potential, waiting to be discovered. A lot of self realization for instance. Just think about all the things you learn as you go along living. When we know "everything there is to know" about ourselves, all of our chakras will awaken.
The reason why most people don't have all chakras active, is that they have more to learn. Many have yet to discover unconditional love, spirituality, or going beyond the fear of dying and finding survival and safety right here.
It is like how we have several physical organs. If we did not have/use them, they would not be able to support our life the way they do. Thankfully, physical organs are active no matter what. But as for the chakras, they require our awareness of them in order to open. And each chakra holds its own wonderful gifts it can add to our life. One will give you telepathic ability, one let you feel unconditional love towards yourself and to others, and one make you a breatharian.
As to why exactly most people have dormant chakras. We humans have a lot more in our potential to evolve towards. We can be telepathic, immortal etc, but aren't yet. We aren't born being all we can be. But each individual can grow and learn throughout life.

Why do different people have different chakra activity?
Even though we are all humans with the same potential, we are all individuals with our own knowledge and understanding. It has got to do with our soul/spirit, rather than our physical body or genetics.

Do animals have chakras?
Yes, I have seen it to be so. They have their equivalent of energy centres. Even plants do in one way or another. But humans are actually special, since our body is created within geometrical patterns that allow great potential.

Are we born with all chakras active?
Newborn babies have white auras. I would say always. But in time, as we grow up into "behaved adults", we actually deny and ignore many aspects of ourselves. Just think of how natural babies and children can be, and how much we adults put aside and don't show of our emotions, thoughts and personality. This self-denial closes off chakras and makes our aura black. I'd say that chakra activity is about being oneself.

How does one activate a chakra?
Self realization. For example, emotional pain can close off the hearth chakra, or fourth chakra. Getting in touch with one's feelings and healing such pain will open up such a heart chakra. But not only that. Several chakras become dormant due to unconsciousness, we simply haven't reached that level of understanding which is required to support such a level of chakras.

Pranic nourishment
Prana is an energy, closely related to light itself but being of a specific kind which supports biological life. Prana is a yellow white liquid light, and can be found in the atmosphere. It surrounds all things living, forests, shores, rivers, waterfalls, plants, leaves, insects, mammals, all animals, people. Prana is accumulated into the living being. For humans, prana easily manifests electrolytes and potassium for nourishment, as well as a liquid form of calcium. Probably all required nutrients to sustain life is found in prana.

The difference between living on light and living on prana, is that light is the complete material, containing all things, and therefor containing even prana. Prana is not a complete material, but a specific one for the support of biological life. Both light and prana may be equally nourishing. Light requires consciousness and DNA activation. Prana does not require the same. My suspicion is that prana alone will not support life, as consciousness is required for light and consciousness is required for immortality. Although, I recommend that an aspiring breatharian focuses on prana in any case, as it does provide with both nourishment but also a breatharian experience which is more specific and interesting than the one derived from merely light.

Perhaps prana makes a breatharian. But light makes an immortal breatharian.