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Preparations - the process of becoming a breatharian

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Becoming a breatharian will mean some great changes, especially if you come from being the average 'omnivore' or eating person. Most would perhaps not consider reaching a way of life that is free from eating. But those who do, have already made their first preparations: interest, desire, inspiration, and later on decision and determination.

On this page, some guidance on how to reach breatharianism yourself - if you want. The information is mainly based on my own experiences and research. Allow yourself to be inspired by information from others, but remain in touch with your own knowing, guidance and intuition, and rely on yourself! I have found that for me and for others, for breatharianism to function properly, intuition and an independent source of knowing is often very valuable.

When breatharianism goes wrong: read about The death of an aspiring breatharian - please be aware of the potential risks, the great responsibility you have to take of yourself, and take great care!

I reached the following conclusions because of my way of not taking anything for granted and analyzing everything before accepting it as true or false. Do the same! Remain objective.
You are of course welcome to contact me if there is anything you wish to ask, comment on or object on. Reach me at:

To never again eat or drink... to be nourished by light... Does that sound wonderful? But in order to reach such an alternative way of life, we must often begin with who we are and where we are in life. The process that will finally integrate the change that affects the physical and all of you, I believe depends greatly on the things that you learn and realise during this 'process'.

I see no "rules" to this process. None concerning any gradual 'weaning off from foods', or times for any steps that such a process would be divided into. However, I do see various things that are most helpful in reaching the state of consciousness that will activate breatharianism within the body.

Breatharian = Does not need to eat or drink for nourishment, has no hunger or thirst. Health and weight stable and good. Does not develop any signs of nutrient deficiencies, hungers or emotional/mental suffering due to not eating.
Fasting = Someone who decides to give up part or all of the food and drink they would normally need, and does so for a limited period of time. Does this in order to gain perspective, experience, heal or purify/detox the body, approach breatharianism, for religious reasons or other benefitial reasons. Hunger is sometimes experienced.
Starving = A starving person needs to eat but for some reason can not or refuses to. The body develops signs of malnourishment or dehydration. Even the emotional body will usually suffer. Some starving persons in some cases deny their hungers and do not have themselves aware of it.
Anorectic = Refuses to eat but needs to. Loses weight and health.

Breatharianism is much more than just not eating, as it can even be acchieved while eating. There is something new that is found, that integrates with oneself, and hunger will vanish...

Eat all you ever wanted
Yes. The best way of reaching breatharianism, is by eating everything you feel hungry for or interested in. Any food that comes to mind which you could consider eating, EAT IT! Taste it, let yourself have it! Don't deny yourself of any food you have a craving for! I used to spend much money on exotic fruits and foods that I wanted to taste. I tasted all sorts of foods, but never found anything that felt perfectly right or truly nourishing. In time I found light, being the only food that calmed my hunger, and I've become bored of food. There are no foods that could give me what light does. Hunger may in many cases be curiosity! Explore foods!

Tune in to your foods
When you eat, go beyond the taste and the fullness food brings. What does the food feel like AFTER you've eaten it? In time, you'll be able to see the cells and nutrients of a food, even before eating it, and a food's impact on your own cells. This is how I make my choices between various food items - I look at not prices, not flavor, not appearance, but on what it will do to me.

Respect and love your body
Your body is what keeps you here! It lets you breathe, see, feel, think, walk, live and experience. What would you do without it? Take good care of it. And this means that you will avoid foods that are known for harming your body. No more rancid fats, white sugar, bread etc. Even if you continue eating such harmful things, be aware of what they are doing to you!

Experience fasting
Find out what it feels like being without food. The mere thought of being without food for 24 hrs may make some people anxious, even though our body will not suffer any damage or normally become hungry. Fasting gives perspective and a glimpse of what breatharianism will be about. (More about fasting. My preliminary page about it is far from enough to provide you with the information you might need about fasting though, search for other pages as well! Don't fast without proper knowledge of it.)

Gradually giving up food
Most of us start with the omnivore eating, the typical Western diet consisting of more or less anything that can be swallowed without it killing you right away. I strongly advise an aspiring breatharian not to just stop eating after having been an omnivore, as these foods have filled you up with toxins that need to be gotten rid of! So make it a gradual, fun process by step by step switching over to less dense, less harmful foods which are closer and closer in resemblance to the energy of light. It is safer this way, not to mention more fun, conscious and educational.

Detoxify and heal
People who eat damage their body in many ways. Not only are these people starving for various nutrients, but also suffering from toxins and other foreign materials from foods that do not belong in our body.
Please read this entire article on another page, about important things related to food related ageing and discomfort:
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I think it is good for an aspiring breatharian to learn about how the body works, about food and nutrition, and about breatharianism. If you have an understanding about these things, it will feel safer and easier going through the process, and also you would learn why breatharianism works and is even partly supported by science, and will have it easier dealing with the fact that you'll be different from most people and you will understand people's concern.
I will soon update this page with more information.