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Proof Proof of breatharianism
...or science supporting it

Breatharianism is not completely unexplored by science. Even study which is not aimed at breatharianism itself, may come to conclusions which support it. I don't believe that science has to prove breatharianism, since science is quite limited. But it is interesting to read about things that point to the fact that people can live of light. It may also be reassuring to find that the 'modern world' does support the breatharian lifestyle.

Some of the following are merely my own thoughts and theories.
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Vitamin B12
It is proven, but not well known, that in a "healthy intestine", vitamin B12 is produced. Science continues to say that we have to eat meat, milk and other animal foods to get this important vitamin. It is also proven, but not well known, that living vegetable foods also contain B12, and that cooking destroys the B12 in meat and other foods. Science doesn't seem to think that anyone could have the healthy intestine, and doesn't promote the internal B12 production.

Vitamin D
Everyone knows that vitamin D is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. This is a wonderful example of science backing up breatharianism. I believe that sunlight produces other forms of nutrients too, even if this isn't discovered yet. But with vitamin D, science has to admit that at least partly, breatharianism is a possibility!

I've figured out that iodine is not needed by conscious individuals. Here's why: the human body has a number of chakras, or energy centres, unseen by the eye. They each support a gland. A weak chakra results in weakness in its corresponding gland. Glands produce vital hormones which are what make our body work by instructing cells. But most people have dormant chakras, due to not having reached its corresponding level of consciousness. When the throat chakra is dormant, something else has to support the throat gland! This is where iodine is needed. Iodine is a chemical substance which in its auric aspect is a purple-blue flame. Identic to the color of an active throat chakra. Too little or too much iodine creates an imbalance in the throat gland. But consciousness can awaken the throat chakra, and iodine is no longer needed. Several other nutrients are also needed to support other glands when their chakras are dormant. The need for these 'chakra nutrients' is eliminated when one is conscious. And breatharianism is not possible without this consciousness.

We are told to drink up to 3 litres a day, which is a lot. But most of this water is needed because we eat food. Water flushes out the food and is cleansing. If a person doesn't eat, much less water is needed. Yes, we need to consist mostly of water, and our percentage of water must never become less, although we stop losing that water when we don't eat. I still recommend that one drinks at least 5 ml of water a day no matter what.

People are told that women menstruate in order to keep the womb fresh and to replace egg cells, and that it is a sign of good health. I can't believe in this anymore. I can speak for myself: when I ate like any person does, I had cramps, nausea and menstruation every month. Whereas as a vegan - not lacking any nutrients - PMS symptoms vanished. On raw foods - even more nutrients - and no cooked foods, menstruation stopped. But if I ate an amount of something cooked, menstruation would start the next day. It is said that raw eggs are nutritious, so I tried that once. My body said no, but I swallowed some anyway. Within the hour I got painful PMS cramps and menstruation, due to the raw egg.
What menstruation does is get rid of an amount of blood. This way new - fresh and clean - blood has space to be produced. Men who give blood every month often report feeling fresher. And I believe that PMS, nausea etc, is that all toxins in the body are released into the blood, to allow as much of them possible to be lost. Women have a longer lifespan than men. I believe that menstruation is why.

These are a group of various nutrients which help the body in fighting against dangerous unstable molecules which steal electrons from our own cells. Antioxidants are selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and perhaps more. Their mere purpose is to help fight against ageing which occurs when our cells are void of electrons. Antioxidants give some of their own electrons to these unstable molecules. These dangerous molecules come mainly from rancid fats (any fats which aren't raw and fresh) and are themselves void of an electron, so they steal these from us. If one doesn't eat damaging foods like rancid fats, antioxidant nutrients are no longer needed.

I once read that the greatest threat to anorectics is the loss of electrons. A starving person may often eat just a bit of bread or other cooked unhealthy foods, not balancing it with fresh antioxidants, and thus losing their electrons.
Recipe for electrolytes: Take some fresh water, preferably not tap water as it already is void of electrolytes. Add fresh lemon juice, and a little salt. Drinking this provides you with electrolytes! Electrolytes are perhaps our most important nutrients.

Why we eat
How many average people choose their foods according to what their body needs? Almost none. Food is supposed to be tasty, fill up the stomach, filled with sugar, salt and fats, be easily prepared, and people eat "just because". People who start to think about their food choices, may find out that they need so much less food, and food of a very different kind. Intuitive eating, when a person eats only what the body asks for, leads usually to eating either calorie restricted foods or becoming a breatharian. More on Food Choices

A theory is that our bodies don't depend on calories in order to function. And it is proven that calories, giving energy at one time, has to be made up for in the form of increased amount of hours one needs to sleep. I don't know why yet, but calories steal of our own energy, spending it in large amounts at a time, and this has to be replaced during rest. People living in the village Hunza in Pakistan have a lifespan close to 200 years, disease and crime doesn't exist, and people remain youthful. The average consumtion of calories for a male person in Hunza is around 1900 calories a day, whereas a typical Western person may eat up to 2000-3500 calories a day. Calory restriction has proven to expand and improve the lives of EVERY FORM OF LIFE, from bacteria to humans. This is the closest proof (which is scientifically recognised) of breatharianism I have found.
Read more about calory restriction in Leonard Hayflick's book, "How and why we age".

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