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Warnings - when to cancel! When going for breatharianism becomes dangerous!
- and when to cancel it and start eating again!

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Don't take any risks with your body. Your body is what lets you be alive, it gives you so much and makes so many things possible. Breatharianism can feel like the most wonderful thought for those in whom it touched something deep inside. You may want to hurry, to stop eating now and forever, and be a breatharian from now on. But for some it may take time. For me, it has taken time.

Breatharianism never goes wrong. But food deprivation does. Both are about 'not eating food', but the first is about replacing the food source. If you haven't found the light that will nourish you, you may have the intention to become a breatharian, but in fact you may be putting yourself through food deprivation. There is one known case where a person died when trying to become a breatharian. Please read about it at this link. I am not trying to scare anyone. I am trying to make people aware of both sides. Learn about all aspects of breatharianism, both when it works and when it does not.

When I stop eating, how do I know if it is breatharianism or food deprivation? If you find light, your source for nourishment, you will feel absolutely fine.
How about detox symptoms, can it be mistaken for symptoms of food deprivation and starvation? Yes! That is why I recommend a gradual process. Read more on Preparations on how to prepare gradually and detoxify your body. When you stop eating, no matter if it is breatharianism or food deprivation, any toxins you might have gathered from years of eating 'typical Western cooked foods' are released and this can cause discomfort. Since these symptoms are there, they may hide any signs warning you about starving!! So please, detoxify your body so that when you stop eating, you will notice any signs for starvation. This way, if you succeeded in finding the nourishing light, you are a breatharian and experience no discomfort.
What signs would tell me that I'm starving? Only once did I attempt a fast (a short period of not eating) without my body having asked for it. After a few hours I showed severe signs of starvation! Here are warning signs to look out for after you've stopped eating!
You shiver, you can't stop shaking and are cold from the inside out.
Tiredness. You feel like going to bed and drifting away.
Depression or sadness.
You aren't as alert or aware as before, you may not hear what people say or be able to think focused.
All you think about is food. Food or drink comes to mind, and you can imagine what it feels like eating or drinking it.
You sleep for more hours than normal.
... These are some of the signs showing that you are starving and aren't getting your nourishment from light! Your intention may be any, you may want breatharianism, but if it doesn't work it doesn't, and you are in as much danger as if we take the food away from an average person.

What do I do if I show any of these or other signs of starvation? If you start thinking about a specific type of food, eat it! Make sure you get something warm and nourishing into you, like a sweet warm fruit soup, preferably thick liquids. And take good care of yourself. You gain nothing from trying to live without food, if you don't have any other source for nourishment to live on! Learning to respect, honor, love and understand your body is one of the things which will let you become a breatharian. After all, it is your body which makes it happen.

But if I keep failing all the time and can't find the light to nourish me? You are getting closer to it every time. From every attempt to become a breatharian which ends with you eating again, you bring experience and next time you try you get further than the time before. You'll get there.

I am not a breatharian yet. I've given it many tries, but for various reasons gone back to eating. Although the reason I go back to eating is not that foods would nourish me. I have found the way to be nourished by light. But the more I learn about the attempts of becoming a breatharian, the more I can understand breatharianism itself. If I think back to my first attempt of becoming breatharian, I'm very happy it didn't work then because today I understand it in a deeper way. :)