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Unnecessary foods
Unnecessary foods
foods that serve no purpose

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People tend to think this: "As long as I keep eating, keep my stomach full at all times and don't feel hunger, I will stay alive. Diseases? That's just a day of bad luck. Ageing? That's perfectly normal." People take things for granted without taking responsibility of themselves. People who eat just because it tastes good and fills the stomach are eating for reasons not based on holistic perception, meaning that they aren't aware of how their body works and base their food choices on other than consciousness.

A person who is not fully conscious of oneself, has more awareness of themselves to find. If such people were immortal, they would live for ever, never experiencing the deepest knowing. That is why consciousness keeps us alive.

One day I made an amazing discovery: food had an impact on my body! I was more or less forced to find out more about this and had to change my eating habits. As I searched for facts, I found that several of our most common foods are totally unnecessary! - and they cause harm and do no good! Here are some:

White bread
When wheat is processed into flour, it loses 80% of its nutrients. Not just that: when it is heated in the owen, the nutrients change chemically destroying some types of nutrients, and altering the rest into non-usable ones. But what is most worrying is the lack of fiber. A person who eats bread daily for a few years ruins their intestines and nutrient absorption. Bread is eaten merely to fill the stomach. Don't eat bread. If you want to eat in order to get energy, eat unprocessed carbohydrates. If you want to eat in order to get nutrients, eat sprouted wheat which has as much protein as meat, all known minerals and vitamins in amazing quantities. But don't eat just to fill up your stomach! Our body gains nothing from the extra work. A full stomach is not what keeps us living.

Sugar contains a large amount of calories (read about the Hunza people) and no nutrients. One might think that sugar gives you energy, but I have found a connection between sugar/calories and amount of hours needed to rest. The more sugar you need, the more hours you have to rest. It seems that sugar causes a reaction in the body, consuming your own energy and releasing it into a "rush", and then you have to compensate by resting, to restore your energy. I once read that if sugar were invented today, it would be classified as a drug and banned. Sugar addiction is something few know about and many suffer from. Even I have had sugar addiction. It's not as obvious as one might think, but makes one want to have something sweet every day. It slightly reminds of a drug addiction. Sugar damages your body. Just think about how some get diabetes! Don't eat sugar. If you want to get energy, find it in yourself. If you want something delicious, eat exotic fruits which have the most wonderful flavors.
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Cheese and dairy products
The cow produces milk to feed it's babycalf. Cow's milk is adapted to babies, and cows. My lactation period is over and I am a human not a cow. That's why I don't consume dairy products. People think there's something wrong with a person who doesn't consume dairy, not realizing that they are drinking the breast milk of a different species! This proves how people make their food choices according to tradition, and people don't think for themselves. A breatharian is a conscious being, that's how they discover the nourishing light. Start by realizing how crazy it is to consume dairy products... Cheese contains almost entirely or entirely of salt and fat, is loaded with calories, and is processed rendering any nutrients unusable. Dairy products produce mucus in our bodies and upset the balance of electrons in our cells. The enzyme which breaks down lactose is only produced in babies - this because our biology knows that adults aren't supposed to drink milk anymore! Replace cheese with: nothing, you don't need to eat anything like it. Milk with: if it's difficult getting rid of the old habit of drinking milk, try soy-, rice- and oatmilk.
Please read: The truth about milk - don't drink milk without this knowledge!

There are so many completely unnecessary foods which shouldn't even be considered foods. I'll be sure to add more of them on this list.