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Message Board:

It only takes one acappella performance for you to get awestruck by the AKAfellas. I first saw them on stage last October 4, 2003 at Megamall in their "No Curfew" show. From then on, I got hooked on the 'fellas! Watching them is pure sugar rush! Every performance is packed with beautiful harmony, comedic dance numbers, hilarious skits and witty ad libs. These guys are definitely talented, extremely funny and absolutely entertaining! I can just go on and on with the superlatives... The AKAfellas is one of the best homegrown talents that the Philippines can truly be proud of! And the fact that all of them are such eye-candies is just a bonus for all the ladies... *wink*wink*

The AKAfellas broke into the music scene when they won 2nd place in Magic 89.9's "Voices" competition in 2002. Among the acappella groups who won the contest, it was the AKAfellas who became successful in marking their "popcappella" territory.

Online they proclaim: "We are, once and for all, NOT a boy band! We are a VOICE band!:) Our only mission is to spread the love of acappella music." True enough, last December 2003, they were featured in MTV Philippines' ALERT -- a show which features up-and-coming talents who offer fresh, innovative music. Last January 2004, they were
MTV's Rising Star(s)! Indeed, Acappella Kicks Ass!!!

The Men Behind the Voices

Ikey Canoy sings Soprano II for the AKAfellas. He's the guy who lights up the stage with his signature "just-say-cheese" smile. The fella who has such a sunshiny aura about him. One of the sweetest 'fellas in my opinion.  He is famous to the AKAkada for his whistling kettle sound. It's easy to spot him among the eight guys performing on stage -- look for the tallest cutie who looks like Jay-R... that's Ikey!
Red Sandico sings Alto for the AKAfellas. As they say, he's the one with the most "theatrical" voice among the 'fellas. He's  famous  for his "kembot" move and "karate chop" move while he sings.  He is the Manong Red of the AKAkada ... *sometimes the Lolo Red, even! :)* Hmm, it must be because he has such a mature character. For awhile there, did you think that was Paolo Bediones whom you just saw singing? Well blink your eyes over and over again! That was no S-files host... it's Red! MORE? Red is a brown belter in taekwondo. Also, he plans to go into film production in the near future.
Reuben Uy sings Tenor I for the AKAfellas. He is definitely passion personified. He just simply exudes passion in every performance. His chinky eyes and boyish smile are what endears him to the ladies. He's famous for his killer dance moves ('notice how Red and Karl stand back a bit for fear of being accidentally hit by Reuben's ever-grooving hands? *teehee*). He is fondly called Image Model Reuben by the AKAkada because of his eternally spiffy outfits and his emote-to-the max Derek Zoolander-ish poses for the camera. Ahhh, this fella just luuuvs the camera!
Karl Villuga sings Tenor II for the AKAfellas. He's the youngest among the 'fellas. I hear he's very diligent in his studies and it is quite an admirable feat how this guy manages to balance his career and his studies at the same time. He is famous to the AKAkada for his "kulots" -- that melismatic singing style of his that leaves you in total awe. If you're wondering who's that fella who can do a kick-ass R & B number, belt out those uber-high notes and wow the crowd with his soulful singing, that's Karl!
Robi Joseph sings Soprano I for the AKAfellas. He is the most approachable and friendliest of 'em all. He's the ultimate PR guy among the 'fellas... a real charmer! He is the Huggy-Wuggy Robi of the AKAkada for he is very generous with his bear hugs *awww*. His silly antics with DJ Myke and his funny remarks will totally have you laughing your ass off! MORE? Robi also has a talent in sketching. He has posted some of his great artworks on the AKAfellas message board. He has also appeared in quite a number of TV and print commercials. And whatdyaknow... now he's a DJ at Wave 89.1!
Myke Salomon is the Vocal Percussionist/Beatboxer of the AKAfellas. This guy can do almost any sound under the sun -- all kinds of drums/808 beats, dj scratches, helicopter, car engine, dinosaur footsteps, and heck, even a cockroach! But there is one sound though that he admits he can never imitate despite trying a lot of times: the chimes! He also plays the guitar sometimes. And before you think that DJ Myke doesn't have THE voice, he can sing too! You'd be surprised to find out that he can even sing broadway hits! He can easily wow the audience once he sings and does the beatbox virtually at the same time. He is the Mossimo hottie of the AKAkada... ripped 6-pack and all *awww*. His amazing beatbox thing, hilarious stunts and funny jokes on stage totally kicks major ass!
Paulo Navarra sings Bass I for the AKAfellas. PauloNav simply exudes this "showbiz" confidence every time he performs on stage. He just looks so good with that trademark pose of his while he is holding the mic stand (If you watch the gigs, you'd know what I mean...). He is fondly called Glamour Boy Paulo by the AKAkada. He is the "pretty boy" of the fellas coz he's such a big hit among the ladies. Pau's charming looks, great smile and smooth/suave/sexy *take your pick, ladies! :)* voice just sweeps 'em of their feet.
Jin Dela Cruz and Roger Sigwa sings Bass II for the AKAfellas. Jin is the original Bass II 'fella but, from what I've heard, he had to focus on his studies so he just appears sporadically in the AKAfellas gigs. Nowadays, it's Roger who sings in his place. I have seen more of Roger's performances than Jin's. And whoa, Roger has got that super deep, low voice that enables him to do a mean "Mr. Suave" number which never fails to elicit cheers among the crowd.

*** I just wanna holler a BIG THANK YOU to the 'fellas for allowing me to use their Friendster pictures for this profile. Additional credit goes to Peachy for the 2nd mugshot in DJ Myke's profile and Teena for the 2nd mugshot of Reubs & 1st mug shot of Pau.***