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I have gotten myself hooked on Incubus the moment I heard "Wish You Were Here".
Morning View, the album where this single came from, is one of the best albums I treasure in my CD collection.

Incubus writes such intense, poetic, artsy lyrics that evoke your emotions and stimulate your imagination as you try to picture the visuals that their songs try to paint in your mind. You'll find yourself closing your eyes together with Brandon Boyd (lead vocals) as he sings and does his own little funky dancey moves. (His best dance move thang was in the
"Are You In" video)

The Morning View Sessions DVD and The Morning After Sessions bonus VCD from their album is such a blast to watch. You'll find out from these clips that Jose Pasillas (drummer) is such a funny dude. You'll also see them do typical disgusting men-behaviors in their Morning After clips. And you'll get loads of Brandon Boyd who is ever the gorgeous dude in all these video footages. He is such a killer when he closes his eyes as he sings. Now that is what you call singing from the soul.

Their latest album A Crow Left of the Murder features the talent of their new bass guitar player Ben Kenney. You've got to get hold of that bonus VCD/DVD if only for that "Brandon's Injury/The Re-enactment Short Film" which was really twistedly funny.

And oh, before you dismiss Incubus as just another superstar rock band, the group is doing their share in the betterment of society. Visit the Make Yourself Foundation website for more info.

Brandon Boyd has published a collection of his deep musings/poems and artsy sketches/paintings. This creative effort of his is entitled White Fluffy Clouds.

See more of Brandon Boyd in the HOT DUDES section of my website.


Wish You Were Here, Stellar, Echo, I Miss You, Here in My Room

Consequence, Pardon Me, Just a Phase, Make Yourself, Megalomaniac


Certain Shade of Green (the lounge version), Aquaeous Transmission, Drive, Are You In, Talk Shows on Mute

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