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It was the haunting melody of Crawling that made me a fan of Linkin Park's unique rap/rock style. The distinctive rapping of adorably cute (albeit kinda chubby) emcee Mike Shinoda, the screaming vocals of Chester Bennington and those loops that DJ Hahn does is what I like about this band.

Despite others saying that the Reanimation album sucks, I still like it. It offers a fresh sound after months of popping Hybrid Theory in your CD player. I like the "reanimated" versions of With You, My December and Crawling. And that freaky violin loop pulls the intro and extro together.

Their latest album, Meteora is one heck of a blast. The album is pumped up with add-ons like "The Art of Meteora" and "The Making of Meteora". The lyrics booklet has got some interesting behind-the-scenes trivia. Somewhere I Belong, the first single off the album has this great intro that builds up from a haunting string sample and breaks into a screaming chorus. Its video is an awesome mind trip. One the other hand, Faint's grinding intro and very fast tempo will surely rock you out of your wits. Indeed, the band truly has never lost its touch.

I went to their gig here last June 15, 2004 at the CCP Grounds. Here's the view from the moshpit:

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Crawling, My December, Papercut, In the End, With You, Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Easier to Run, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside