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Duncan Sheik Concert
July 18, 2003 @ Aliw Theater, CCP Complex, Manila

Duncan Sheik held a concert in Manila dubbed as "Duncan Sheik: "An Acoustic Concert" -- With special guests: brothers Rockwell Ryan and Dain Samuelson of Stephen Speaks fame and our very own Paolo Santos (Wave 89.1's Mr. Acoustic). Paolo and Rockwell did acoustic sets, alright, but Duncan said he'll cheat and rocked on instead with his electric guitar!

My concert ticket signed by Rockwell Ryan & Dain Samuelson after their performance. 'Twas the first time I met the brothers. They are extremely nice guys -- very approachable!

Duncan Sheik's performance: He sang his hits such as: Barely Breathing, Wishful Thinking, She Runs Away, On A High and For You (I can't believe he skipped singing Half-Life! *pouts*). He did great covers of Wonderwall by Oasis and Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

Rockwell Ryan and Dain Samuelson of Stephen Speaks: These photos were taken right after Rockwell & Dain's awesome ( 'liked it MORE than Duncan's!) acoustic set. Had them sign these during their autograph signing at Odyssey Megamall.


Autograph Signing: Rockwell Ryan & Dain Samuelson / Duncan Sheik
July 20, 2003 @ Odyssey, Megamall

Brought my trusty digital camera and took these shots amidst all the fans' frenzy...

Here's photos from the very (and I do mean VERY) quick autograph signing of soft-spoken and charming Duncan Sheik.


Tons of pictures (*woot woot*) with Rockwell & Dain who were all-smiles the entire time they were there. These guys know how to value their fans and show their gratitude by gladly signing tons of stuff and posing for loads of pictures. They are genuinely nice, I swear! Very affable, most especially Rockwell (*sigh*).

~::: Visit Rockwell Ryan's official website at :::~

Stephen Speaks' other vocalist, TJ McCloud has decided to leave the band. Meanwhile, Rockwell Ryan, together with his brother Dain Samuelson (percussion) et al. are continuing with making good music. Rockwell Ryan has released his album "One More Day..." in late 2003. Well-loved Stephen Speaks songs such as On My Way and The Leaving Song are included in this album. I purchased his album online at through the kindness of a fellow Rockwell Ryan fan (thanks Yam!). The first 1,500 pre-orders were numbered and personally signed by Rockwell himself. Plus, the first 1,000 pre-orders had a bonus disc. Mine is #450... woohoo! :).

 His first single off the album is I Don't Wanna Sing. It is also included in Warner Music's compilation "AKA: Almost Kinda Acoustic" vol. 1.  His album hit #1 at in October 2003, a couple of weeks after its release. It is yet to be made available locally though by Warner Music. Hmmm, I dunno what's taking 'em so long. Anyway, go buy it at Aware if you want your copy now.