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I have just released a paper back at Amazon. The $15 paperback and $5 Kindle book,"Energy, Antigravity, and Cold Fusion", is available at amazon and Barns and Noble. Please purchase a copy of this historic work.

Sample Chapter From the Book

A new peer reviewed paper is out in late 2014 reference,

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Chapter 0, Pick the icon for the author's introduction.

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Chapter 1, Cold Fusion , It contains many historic pictures and videos.
Fun stuff!

Chapter 2, Ball Lightning , It contains historic pictures and videos. Experimental plasma balls are shown in slow motion.
Fun stuff! [ball]

Chapter 3, Levitational Technologies , It contains historic pictures of the latest antigravitational experiments.
Fun stuff!

Chapter 4, The Zero Point Interaction , It contains drawings and two videos.

Chapter 5, Genesis , It contains drawings.
Was published!

Chapter 6, Natural Symmetries , It contains drawings, animations, and a video.
This chapter prepares the reader to get at the root of things.

Chapter 7, Restraining Forces and Matter , It contains drawings and animations.
A unification of Special Realitivity and quantum physicis; that's important.

Chapter 8, Entropy and ZPE, It contains drawings.
This chapter picks up a few more points. Not an important chapter.

Chapter 9, The Structure of the Universe , It contains drawings.
The structure of the universe in relation to energy flowing through time. Not an important chapter.

Chapter 10, The Elastic Limit of Space , It contains drawings.
Explains how local fields are restrained.

Chapter 11, The Path of the Quantum Transition , The most important work in this text!
Driving the motion constants toward the electromagnetic.

Chapter 12, States of the Electron
A detailed analysis up to the energy level of the wave equation.

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Chapter 13, A fun self test! Find out what you have learned. Slow on a dial up.

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Chapter 14, Historic lectures before before the American Nuclear Society in 2000 and at Johns Hopkins in 2010

[chapter 15 ]
Chapter 15, List of Publications

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Chapter 16, Comments from Journal Editors

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