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Znidarsic's Publications

Znidarsic Science Books

I have just released a paper back at Amazon. The book,"Energy, Antigravity, and Cold Fusion", is also available on Kindle. Please purchase a copy of this historic work.
[Elementary Antigravity

"The Quantum Condition and an Elastic Limit"
Bentham Open, Peer Reviewed

"The Control of the Natural Forces"
The General Science Journal

"The Flow of Energy", Peer Reviewed by Glen Robertson
Physics Procedia.

"Motion Constants", Peer Reviewed by George Miley
Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol 83, TANSAO 83 1-536 (2000), ISSN: 0003-018X

"The Z Theory of Everything" Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
Science in Society, UK Winter 2011

"The Duality of Matter and Waves"
Infinite Energy Magazine Issue 92 2010

"The Control of the Natural Forces"
Infinite Energy Magazine Issue 87 Sept 2009

"Force and Gravity"
Infinite Energy, Vol 4, Issue #22, 1998

"The Genesis of the Universe and Zero Point Energy."
Infinite Energy, Concord NH, Vol 1, No. 5 & 6, 1996

"The Zero Point Interaction"
The Journal of New Energy, Volume 1, Number 2

"The Constants of the Motion"
The Journal of New Energy Vol. 5, No. 2 Pg 130 September 2000

"Nicola Tessla Journey to Mars" Chapter 5
Global Communications, October 2002 ,

The papers below are the most recent.

"The General Science Journal"

"A Reconciliation of Quantum Physics and Special Relativity
The General Science Journal

"Overview of The Control of the Natural Forces"
Low Carbon Economy Org

Published comment
"Popular Mechanics October 2004, Page 16"

"Elementary Antigravity", Frank Znidarsic
Vantange Press, 1989, New York, NY
Currently out of print.


"The Eye of the Cyclone"
French TV Canal+


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Univ of Maryland, Lecture and Paper, COFE_2011

The Space and Propulsion International Forum, Lecture Only 2010

The American Nuclear Society, Washington DC, November 16, 2000

The First Conference on Future Energy, Washington D,C 1999

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