Znidarsic's lecture at "The Third International Conference for Future Energy"

It was held at the University of Maryland in March 16, 2011. This is a low quality home video of the lecture. A higher quality version is available from Tom Valone at the Integrity Research Institute http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/. Znidarsic_COFE_2011

Znidarsic's spectrum radio interview April 12 with 2 million listeners.

Spectrum Radio

Lecture at Johns Hopkins University

This is one of the best lectures. Introducing me are Glen Robertson of NASA advanced propulsion and Martin Tajmar of the European Space Agency. In the audience in Dr. George Miley a renowned nuclear scientist.

Lecture at the American Nuclear Society Oct. 2000

Note it takes a minute to preload the slides. If the slides and the audio appear out of sink reload the page and restart the player.


Lecture at ANS

Real media audio clip. Appears to out of date and will not currently play.

Lecture at World Scientific

April 3, 2010

Interview at Alien Scientist. Jan 2010.

Part one of the interview

Radio Talk at the Progressive Technology Hour, Pheonix Az

The Progressive Technology Hour

Radio Talk at American Antigravity Dec. 2012


Radio Talk on coastline radio, honorable mention of my work. April 2011

Coastline Radio

Bill Bashers Show, Clear Channel Communications 2003, Not recorded

Interview with John Maguire Sept 2013


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