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Hey Everybody!! Please Do Some Interactive Stuff And Drop Me An E-Mail With Your Thoughts About Different Ones!! Also do some role playing!!! It's fun fun fun!!! Hey everybody! Its been quite a while since I have last updated, but I finally did. There are a couple more responses to various interactive items. Thanks so much to those who have emailed me! :) (1/21/06)

Hello my lovelies! Update: apparently the role playing part of the site is working again. I'm not sure when that happend. I guess the site that I use figured out what was wrong...not sure when this feature came back on. Anyway, I know that ppl go on it and post, but are disapointed when nobody responds to them right away. This is a feature that lets you check back later to see if someone has responded to you. Almost like an IM convo. for everyone, that you don't have to always be signed on for. or like ppl are always away and you have to wait for them to respond to you. (i used to use this feature a lot b4 it stopped working. we would just pretend to have a fight, or go into even more depth) For those of you who know eachother and know that another person is on at the same time and want to have a private convo through the site, i would encourage you to go into the newly renovated "forum" part of the site. Here it is just like IM or that type of thing. Hmmmm. not sure if this has made any sense to you. if it hasn't and you have a question. go to role playing and post it. i will check there hopefully everyday, or at least every other day, to see what's going on. or you can always email me (my address is on the bottom of the page) Anywho...As always, have a great day and I hope to hear from you!!!! :) (1/13/05)

Hey everybody! I've been doing lots of updating! Let me see...there is a new quiz, a new fanfic, and some new random things here and there. (I did do a bit of updating in the past few months, but nothing big enough to warrent a post here...) Hey everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying the new things on here. I just wanted to let you know that there are some quizes on here that you can take. I mean, they don't tell you, for example what character you are or anything, but they do test your knowledge of the books. (i got some heads ups about wanting quizes...not sure what you meant...) Anyway, luv you all much and thanx for visiting my site! (1/11/05)

I hope you all are enjoying my site and, as always, I look forward to hearing from you! And have a great new year!(12/28/04)Ok people, I have been doing some MAJOR updating! (I can't begin to tell you how much my fingers hurt from typing!) We now have a quiz up. I think that we may have some more up soon! Everybody should feel free to submit anything! Just e-mail me! Hope everybody's summer is going well! I know that mine is!(7/1/04)

YAY!!! Hey everybody! I haven't updated officially in a while, but that doesn't mean that new things aren't appearing! I'm have numerous submissions for the interactive part of the site and I would really like to thank everyone who has contributed! Also, thanx to laura, we will have a protector of the small quiz! I would really like to have quizes for the other books as well, so if anyone is interested in writing one, or just contribuiting just e-mail me! Ok I have to go now. (6/0/04)

(look to the bottom of this screen!) First update of the new year and it's a GREAT one!! Lady Rachel's Ultimate Page of Tortall now has a new banner that works. PLUS detailed instuctions on how to go about putting it up on your website (which I hope that everyone with a website will do) *grins sheepishly* I want to thank Jamie for making me this new TORTALLY AWSOME BANNER!!! To get to the banner just click on "Link Me".As always if you have any ideas for the site, just let me know!! I'm always will to hear suggestions!! I also added some doll pictures on the picture link, check that out too. OK byze bye.(1/5/04)

SCORE!! I just got us a new roleplaying/chating board since my other one got canceled! Hope you like it! :) Hope those who celebrate Christmas had a good one!(12/29/03)

OH MY GOSH!!!! I just finished Trickter's Choice!! It was soooo amazing!!! It is definatly my fav. TP book after the song of the lioness!! It was all of these incredable scenes with Alanna and George!!! OMG it was tooooooooooo good! Really! You must read it ASAP!!! That's an order!! LOL. Ok now that that is out of my system (not really) I want to say hi and READ TRICKSTER'S CHOICE!!!!!!!(12/23/03)

What's up? I want to wish everybody a Happy Chanukkah (if you celebrate it) Now that I am on Winter break I will be updating the site. :) So if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to e-mail me.(12/20/03)

Hey everybody! Well there is so much to say! I've been updating, but just not writing it here. I have received various submissions and I've added them so check it out! Also I forgot to tell you all, in case you didn't already know, that Tamora Pierce came out with another book called "Trickster's Choice." It's another book that takes place in Tortall and it is about Alanna's daugther! *score* I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it's on my bookshelf. I'm gonna read it over Thanksgiving. :) (11/10/03)

Hey people! I've been updating the POTC part of the site. It now has links to other cool POTC website w/ goodies on it and there is a roleplay there. Right now there are two different ones. One I know is free, but the other one I may have to pay for and if that is the case then I'm going to delete it, but if I don't have to pay then I'm gonna delete the other one b/c it's more complicated for you guys to post on. But for now try them both out. :)(10/18/03)

Hey how is everybody? I'm doing fine, it's just busy. Ok so I know that this isn't a Pirates of the Caribean website, but I'm obsessed with it so I've added a section just for POTC(Pirates of the Caribbean.) It will have random things in it but it should be cute with stuff to look at. If you want to e-mail me with suggetstions use the same e-mail address that is on all of my pages. Hope you like it!(9/18/03) If you want to check out past updates, go to my archievs page.(2/17/03)

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