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You Know You're Obsessed With Tamora Pierce's Books When...

This is the place where you can decide if your obsessed of not, but considering the fact that your here, you need not wonder. Of course who am I to talk? I'm the one who is actually writing this up. If you have any more to add please e-mail me and I'll post them.( )Back Home

Some visitor submissions:
(from Lady Charlotte):

  • You reread every book at least twice a year, mostly more
  • You Google Image search characters from the book to see if other people imagined them like you do (which is actually how I stumbled across your site)
  • You imagine yourself with Jon, George, Numair, Dom etc etc...
  • You buy merchandise off the internet and insist on using it ALL the time
  • You go on the Tamora Pierce website and find out when her next books are coming out (Numair-the early years!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!)
  • You name your cat Scamp(that was my friend), and consider naming your children after the characters...