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Ummm...self explanitory. You can find out when things were added and stuff. I don't know, I just couldn't seem to get rid of it. :) Lady Rachel's Ultimate Page of Tortall was started in December of 2002!!!

ady achel's ltimate age f ortall

Hey what's up eveyone?! I've added new submissions and I am still adding. Come check it out!! Umm...send in some stuff, websites aren't too fun to look at if it is always the same!!! Luv ya girls!!(8/29/03)

Hey Tammy fans! I have added new Quotes with more to come, and another person has put in their "two cents" conserning the chamber so check it out and then e-mail me with your own!!(5/21/03)

So I know I havn't written in a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not updating so please keep checking in!! I also just found out that my website can be found on now!! I'm sooooo happy! :) (5/2/03)

I'm still in the process of doing some updates. But here is a new thing! Role Playing!!! You act like a character that you make up and interact with others. All you have to do is go to the role playing link on the table above and start. Then when you decide who you want to be, (like I am Lady Rachel) just e-mail me and I'll make a list of people who are rp-ing so that we can all keep track, then just come and add to the story!!(3/23/03)

Well I've gotten over the me writing horrible fan fiction fiasco. It was brutal. lol. Anyway, I've added some new stuff to the site. First off, there has been new chapters added to emily's FF. I am also in the process of working on the book info. page. So far it now has pictures of the covers of the books. I'm also planning on adding summaries(if anyone wants to write some for me it would be much appereciated). I will also be adding onto the quotes in the near future. Ironicall they are my fav. part and I have totally neglected them. Wierd huh? Check it out soon!!(3/15/03)

OMG!!!I tried out writing at and lets just say that writting is kind of, well*cough* yucky, for lack of a better word. It took me 5 min. to write it and I think that people took longer defacing it!! I can't write, let me be the first to tell the world!! Now that thats off of my is everyone? Thank you for visiting!!(2/21/03)

Ok Everyone we have a new fan fiction here by Emily and it is awsome you should really check it out!! Just click on the fan fiction up on the table above!(2/20/03)

Well I'm officially snowed in at home(fun fun fun) so I've decided to do some updating. I've been working on a site that compiles loads of personality quiz type things. I havn't made up the quizes, but what is there are actually by results. If you want to take one, just click on it and it will take you to that persons website. Go ahead, visit it!! Here is the link:THE LINK!!!

Hey everybody!!Thanks for coming to my site! I hope you enjoy it and have loads of fun exploring. If there is anything that you feel should be added or anything like that, just drop me an e-mail! Oh and sign my guestbook so that I know what you think of my site!!(2/15/03)

Hello everybody!! I added a new thing. It is called the story through quotes. Its really cool. You get the story at lightning speed! Right now I only have the first book, but I will add them all eventually. :) I think that it is worth your time, considering some people need a refresher course on TP books, but don't have enough time to read them (for the hundredth time, of course.) E-mail me :) I like getting e-mails. We can talk about about TP books. Or maybe sombody will write a Fan Fic. Ok. TTYL bye.(1/22/03)

Hey people!! I've been adding lots of totally cool new stuff!! Please sign the guestbook so I can see who has been here, and leave things I can improve on and of course complements (hopfully) :) Please feel free to let me know anything that you think I should do! Oh, and do some interactive stuff because it's fun!!! Bye!(1/9/03)

Hi Everybody!! I'm just getting this site started and I'm very excited about it. It isn't completed yet, but there is already alot of stuff to do! Please do some interactive stuff. I have some really good new and different ideas for this page! Thanks for coming! updated:(1/4/03)

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