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Here are some other great Tamora Pierce Fan Websites that you should really visit!!

Song Of The Lioness
Tortall Palace
Lady Theresa's Realm of Tortall
Horse Hearted's Realm of Tortall
Wildofre's Realm

Up for LOTS of Quizes? Come to my other website to take some!!(What type of candy are you?, What Harry Potter Character are you?, What Ultimate Beautiful Woman are you? and much much more!!!)

Where I got most of my backrounds from(thank you so much!!)SoupFaerie.Com

Visit Bryde's Medieval and RPG Resources for free download of cool stuff!

Here is my friend's website that has lots of cool Disney stuff including: Pirates of the Caribbean!! Jamie's Site

This is my webring(If the graphics don't come up your not the only one. I have absolutly no idea what it is. lol. If you can see it, kindly tell me what it is.):

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This Tamora Pierce Webring site is
owned by Lady Rachel Of Tortall.

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This NeoCircle is owned by _elliot_
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This NeoCircle is owned by _elliot_
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panda345543 got their NeoPet at
Jamie's Site- All about Disney, Orlando Bloom and Keria Knightley

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