JULY 8, 2010: Well, it's been 2+ years since I've updated. In that time, I've been busy writing professionally with LdyAnjel (Marisa). We've created the pen name Isabel Roman are publised with 2 e-pubs, and currently have a book in Barnes & Noble. Check out our site and stories. Because of this, I won't be writing any more B/A stuff. In fact, I'm taking down the site at the end of this month. Thank you to everyone who's ever read anything I've written, your passionate support means a great deal to me. I hope you'll follow me (us!) as Isabel Roman.

April 6, 2008: Part 64 of World Enough, and Time.

December 17 (2007): She Comes to Me...FINISHED! The End of the Beginning

November 12: Sorry for the delay - the site froze up on me, I ran out of time to deal with it, then went away for the weekend, and grrr...anyway. Part 63 of World Enough, and Time.

October 27: Part 62 of World Enough, and Time.

October 20: This thanks is to all my faithful readers, whom I can't thank enough for staying with me and this story.

September 29: As usual, special thanks to LJ and kolumbynne. Two updates in the same month! Check it out... Part 60of World Enough, and Time.

September 3: Thank go out to the usual suspects...you know who you are. Part 59of World Enough, and Time.

July 29: Yes, I'm still here...just slow. Thanks to BLKYANGEL for the prodding, and as always to LJ for the beta. Part 58 of World Enough, and Time

June 13: OK, a little behind, but here's part 57! World Enough, and Time

May 17: Yup, as promised, part 56 of World Enough, and Time is up. This is part of Chapter 6, Inner Corruption. Enjoy!

May 6 (still 2007): All righty! Chapter 55 of World Enough, and Time is up, finally. This is part 1 of chapter 6, Inner Corruption. I hope you all enjoy, and please let me know if you do or not.

April 29 (2007): So, here I am. Yup, still here. I even had to put in the year since I've been gone so damn long and people were wondering if I'd been eaten by giant snakes. Ah, no, nothing like that. Lack of time and a few new projects in the works. Sorry, they're not B/A related.

What is B/A related are the following: currently 3 parts of World Enough, and Time finished or in the process of being polished. They won't be posted yet because I haven't even told my beta about them! A couple ideas for the next part to All of Me. A potential real ending for She Comes to Me.

Look for updates (real ones) within a week or 2. And if I haven't managed to post anything by then, feel free to harass me chrisnnoop@aol.com.

January 2: Part 54 of World Enough, and Time. This is part 11 of 11 to Chapter 5, Life is as You Make It. This brings us to the halfway mark of the story. And Happy new Year to all. May your 2007 be all you wish it to be.

November 27: Part 53 of World Enough, and Time. This is part 10 of 11 to Chapter 5, Life is as You Make It.

October 29: Part 52 of World Enough, and Time. The continuing saga of Buffy and Angelus is a world where Acathla opened his jaws and breathed. This is part 9 of 11 to chapter 5, Life is as You Make It.

October 22: Part 1 of All of Me. It's the only part I have finished, but it's up.

September 22: Vengeance it's the Buffy/Lindsey fic from Dani's fic-athon. Trust me, there are strong hints of B/A and B/Aus. But if you don't want to read it, I understand. :)

September 5: Ah-ha! It's taken me forever to get on Angelfire to update my site. Thanks to everyone who helped! I really appreciate it. For some reason the exact things I tried at home that didn't work, did at work. Go figure. Crazy system...::shakes head and mutters::

Anyway, I have 2 new fics, and am reworking an older one that I just started the sequel to. It's the prequel to Desideratum, but it's all good. You Cannot Change Your Destiny, or Desideratum: The Beginning is nowhere near finished, but should be soon. I say that relative to the month, mind you!

Flip Side will be posted this afternoon. It's an alternative S6 Buffy resurrection story. Full of Angelus-goodness. I hope you like it.

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