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The Beginning of Her Destiny  

Calmly walking to the window, she watched him get into a taxi. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number and waited for an answer. "Hello, I need the earliest possible flight out to California," she spoke into the phone. "Where in California? Well Sunnydale of course, that's where anyone who's anyone will be. Oh dear, you haven't heard yet have you? The end of the world is coming, and I'm going to have a front row seat."


Not Nearly Perfect

“Home for me isn’t the place, it’s the person you come back to, the person that you know you’ll always be able to come back to” Buffy answered him with sad eyes. “Have you found home yet Angelus?” she asked. He looked at her, really looked at her, and she couldn’t breathe. “Maybe I have.”

The Heart of a Dancer

Coming Soon

A challenge I up with and decided to write myself instead of giving it away. Elizabeth Dukshaw dreams of becoming New York's Prima Ballerina, what she gets is a test to prove she has...The Heart of a Dancer


Short Stories

Officially Missing You  



Hand-picked Fan Fic for all tastes!


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