She Comes To Me...

This is a collaboration between Ashley and Christine based on a Challenge.
(Unfortunately, I've lost contact with Ashley a while ago, [like 2004] so I finished the story myself.)

The light, the dark, and the between; challenge by Victoria:

General Idea : Buffy, as a young child, was involved in a bad car accident where both her parents were killed. She was found by Darla, and brought to the Master for the kill.

Recognized as a future slayer, and, to Master's amusement, not easily scared, she was kept alive, and later known as the Master's adoptive daughter, a princess of the underworld. Raised in the underworld, she is innocent to many things that go on in the real world.

Keeping Buffy alive is not easy task: There is always someone looking to hurt the person closest to the Master. The Council still looking for the slayer that got away, and Darla is constantly looking over her shoulder - seeking an opportunity to sink her lethal fangs into the young slayer. But there are several players that are going to help her get the upper hand:

Angel (us) - Bad or Good he will always looks after Buffy.

Willow - a powerful witch, she will do whatever it takes to take out Buffy's enemies, and with Buffy's life on the line - she can turn to forces that are Dark.

Glory - trapped on this world forever, she takes young Buffy under her wing. Wild, lethal, and unpredictable, she will find a way to keep Buffy out of harm's way, maybe forever, maybe eternally.

- meant to be in the Light to fight the Darkness, raised by one of the world deadliest creatures, Darkness is her home.

There are many other's that will have to choose sides.








Daughter of Mine
Introduction of the Devil
A Meeting of Minds, Magicks, and Clothes
Addiction to Each Other
Jealously at Its Finest, Power at Its Best
Love and Acceptance
Accepting Fate
Everyone Has a Destiny, Some Force Their Own
When it All Comes Together
The End of the Beginning
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