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She Comes to Me

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All stories, unless otherwise stated, are NC-17, Mature, Not For Youngsters, and are the property of me. If you aren’t of age or do not like this type of story, look elsewhere. I promise, I won’t be offended. For the rest of you...enjoy! As I said, these stories are the property of the writer, me; Internet copyright laws being the limbo-state they are, it still stands that these pieces of fiction are mine only.

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Once Upon a Dream
My first B/A story. Based on a challenge, a what-if of S3 of Buffy. Not a complete rewrite, but enough to make any B/A shipper happy.

Past, Present, and Future
Set during I Will Remember You. What happens when Doyle talks some sense into his friend? Will Angel listen to his seer's advice? Or will he continue on with his plan to meet with the Oracles a second time?

The Day From Hell...or Cordelia The Hero?
Just a little something about the beginning of seasons 7/4. No Cordy bashing, sorry. Cordelia is mysteriously transported to an alternate reality where B/A aren't together, Connor is Darla's son, Spike is souled and after Buffy, and Fred's here. Sound familiar? Cordelia doesn't think so. Rating: PG-13 (ish)

Everything's Relative I: Memories
What to say about this? Think of it as a HUGE rewrite of everything up to seasons 6/3 with additions because I like my version better.

Everything’s Relative II: The End or Legacy
A future story that follows the events of ‘Memories’ and deals with an End of Days that needs to desperately be fixed. The key to that, though, is harder to accept by all. Not yet completed.

Everything's Relative III: All Our Tomorrows Coming eventually...maybe
Change is the only constant in the universe and there
s someone who knows this and uses it to her advantage.

The Prize
Challenge by Rehetha:
Dracula turns Buffy, Angel’s soul is no more, and the Hellmouth will never be the same again. Not a long story, I’m trying for shortness here. If I ever get time or maybe stop writing so many stories all at once, I might go and add more, but for now this is it. Rated PG-13 (any future rewrite will be NC-17, but clearly labeled.)

Challenge from Rehetha:
Angel loses his soul; Buffy needs the help of her mate, the souled vampire; the First is on a rampage as is Angelus; and the end of the world is closer than anyone thinks. Angel ending.

Happy Pills Are Your Friend
Okay, corny title, but here's the Summary: Remember the Angel episode, Eternity? What would've happened if Cordelia slipped to Buffy, and Buffy went to LA to, ah, clean things up? What would've happened if she'd stayed?

To Coin A Sunnydale Phrase: Duh!
Challenge by Sara:
Remember the nausea that was Angel and Cordelia? They don’t. Or, more specifically, they do but - thank God! - it was all a horrible spell that was broken before anything could happen. But that’s not where their troubles end; Buffy finds out that her only real love was ‘in love’ with another, isn’t happy of course, but has something else on her mind. Like why a once dead seer is suddenly alive and naked in her living room.

The Kitchen Just Ain’t What It Used To Be
A short little humorous fluff piece. Warning: Kennedy bashing and little to no explanations for: Connor, Cordelia, Wolfram & Hart, Spike, Sunnydale, ah...you get the picture. Rating: Not too smutty, but inspired by a definite X-rated picture from Bent and a second nice G one as well.

You Can Never Tell What One Will Do For Love
Set in S3 of Buffy; Angel's back from Hell, no one knows, things happen, but not the way you think. If this sounds familiar to you, it really isn't the same as the show.


A short little story set at the end of Angel S5. I have no idea what kind of mood I was in when I wrote this, so beware. Fluff, pure fluff.

Scars on my Soul
Set post-Gift, and focusing mainly on Angel. What happens when Wolfram & Hart bring Buffy back? What about Willow's spell in Sunnydale? What about Spike, Faith, and Dawn, plus the rest of the gang there? What lengths will Angel go through to find his love and keep her safe? Angel-centric. Some of the seasons might be screwed up a little, I've combined a lot of S6-7/3-4, but that's because the horror of S6/3 will not happen! Not that way, at least.

Midnight Train
A ficlet set in S4/1. Angel's been receiving a series of letters from Buffy. How will he react? Title from the song "Midnight Train to Georgia", concept and quote about reflected sunlight from Rehatha.

If You Wish Hard Enough...
Based on The Wish. A short little ditty - what if Anyanka granted a wish not to Cordelia, but to Angel and Buffy?

All of Me
The curse is in place, but what the gypsies think is so, really isn't. The balance must be maintained, so their original curse was altered. The problem is, there's still an expiration date. Contains an understanding Joyce, lots of B/A smut, a befuddled Giles, a jealous Xander, and a semi-supportive Willow. What would have happened had they begun their sexual relationship after When She was Bad?

Time is the Fire in Which We Burn
Based on a Challenge by Jezebel: A re-write of Where the Wild Things Are. Title is from Star Trek: Generations, though I recently discovered it's also by Delmore Schwarts.

co-authored with Zo, based on a challenge by Terilyn. WARNING: Strong adult theme context. Some non-con M/M
Summary: Set during Girl in Question and after Not Fade Away, everyone goes through Changes at some point in their lives; Xander's happen to be a little more, ah, obvious, than others. What happens when miscommunication leads Angel to think Buffy doesn't care if he lives or dies and Buffy to think Angel's dead? What happens when soul and demon agree on more than just Buffy?

The Riley Bashing Series
A series of one-shots I didn't mean to write about S4/S1 with fun Riley-bashing, B/A smut, and rewrites galore. Thanks to LJ for beta-ing all this, and to Gloria for encouraging me when I couldn't think of what happened next. These rewrites are sometimes harder than I think.

Takes place during Angel S5 Power Play. My I hate Nina story. No sequel, little plot, vague alluding to other things













Forever Darkness
Summary: The End of Days has come...and nothing goes the way the good guys want it. Angelus is back, Buffy’s a vamp, and they want it all and they want it together. And they’re getting it, too.
WARNING: This is an intensely dark story with loads of sex, torture, rape, character death and lots of death in general, world take-over…etc. If any one of these things offends you, DO NOT READ!

Challenge from Rehatha:
Angel loses his soul, Buffy needs the help of her mate, the souled vampire, the First is on a rampage as is Angelus, and the end of the world is closer than anyone thinks. This has many of the same scenes as the Angel ending, but there is also a lot thats really different. Angelus ending.

Some characters aren’t as they are in the show. Why is that? Because I wanted something different and this seemed a fun way to do it.

Challenge from Angel Olie
: Angelus is Master of his own kingdom, Buffy is an Elfin Princess, they meet, get married, love, lust, and passion are all there, but what good is any of that if you don’t have trust?

Of Things That Are and Should Not Be...
Coming Soon...
This story came from a conversation about the Halloween episode on Angel, S5. If you watched the last season of Angel, you know which one I’m talking about, so there are SPOILERS: Connor remembers and snaps, Buffy’s pissed at what she walks in on, Angel receives a vision/prophecy of the future and things happen and they don’t, and...it really wasn’t my idea, okay? So blame (thank?) kolumbynne.

World Enough And Time...
I wanted to know if there was a story where Acathla awoke. There wasn’t. What happened? I wrote one. I didn’t mean to! What with all the other stories I have in the works, but...it happened. (If there is a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." Toni Morrison)  Summary: Acathla awakens, Angelus is god, Dru’s thrilled, Spike’s a traitor, Buffy is Angelus’ prisoner, and everyone else...? Everyone else has way more problems than they can handle. Really.

WARNING: This is an intensely dark story with loads of sex, semi-nonconsensual, mentions of m/m, a little f/f, and possibly some m/f/f.  Not to mention, blood play, torture, rape, character corruption, more character death, and lots of death in general. The world has literally gone to Hell, a new religion has sprung up around Angelus, its new Master, and his goddess, Buffy. If any one of these things offends you, DO NOT READ!

When Worlds Collide
Yes, yes, another challenge. Summary: Buffy is accidentally transported by a mysterious duo 100 years into the past and guess who she meets up with? But back in Sunnydale, there's still Angel and...Buffy?

You Really Didn't Think...?
Remember in S6 BtVS and S3 AtS, that little off screen meeting with Buffy and Angel? Come on, you really think that Angel didn't experience his one moment of perfect happiness? Right, me either. This is their story. Italicized parts take place in the very recent past.

de·sid·er·a·tu (d-sd-rtm, -rä-) From the
Latin dsdertum, from neuter past participle of dsderre
Meaning: wanting, desiring some inexplicable something. Summary: Based very loosely on The Wish. Buffy comes to Sunnydale to defeat the Master, but it's not nearly as simple as that. He's betrayed her once, and she's not ready to forgive and forget.

Two Heads are Better than One ficathon challenge written with Lela Rose. Since, I haven't spoken to Lela since Spring of 2005, so I finished this one myself.

The Rest is Silence
Post Not Fade Away. They won...or did they? What happened after the fight in the alley behind the Hyperion? How does Buffy fit into all this? And will Wolfram & Hart finally get their way? This was a weird Halloween-Challenge someone (I forget who) gave me in October. Yes, yes, it's taken me a while to get to it, but even I'm not perfect.

Flip Side
Summary: S6 Bargaining. Buffy's been brought back from the dead, but something is wrong - she knows this isn't the world she left, it's harsh and lonely, and her lover isn't with her. But where is her world, and what does this one, and her return, have to do with the future?

She Comes To Me
Summary: Challenge fic originally started with Ashley. Buffy's raised by Master Nest as his daughter. Everything spirals out from there.

Summary: Post Beauty and the Beasts. Angel's back from Hell, what happened to him there? And why does he really leave Buffy? Meanwhile, Angelus is still trapped in Hell, forced to watch his pod replacement screw up all their lives - his, Angel's, and Buffy's. Convinced there's a way to get out, Angelus doesn't rest until he finds it. But will it be too late?

Not As It Seems
An ancient challenge I was originally going to write with Ashley. I've decided that since it's started, I should finish it, right? Summary: Faith is the Slayer and has moved to Sunnydale with her mother after her parents divorce. There she meets the mysterious vampire with a soul, Angel, who agrees to help her only because he knows what being the Slayer is like. But what secrets does he hold? And will they be dangerous to Faith? What happens when Angel's childer come to town? All of Angel's childer...including his lover of over a hundred and fifty years, Buffy.




Summary: Buffy/Lindsey for Dani's B/L fic-a-thon, strong B/A and B/Aus references. Buffy comes to LA and instead of Angel, finds Lindsey, who has an interesting story to tell her about Angel and Eve.


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