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  The Bairns & some School Photos
Click on the small pictures for more information - some have only pictures - some have pictures and names. I would welcome more pictures and also information on present pictures to put here - Many thanks to all who have contributed so far.

At Tullibody School - Mr Kinmond is the teacher, he retired in 1920 - the girl 5th from the left in the second row is Mary Jamieson - see Tullibody Folk for more information


  Tullibody had only one school until 1951, when Abercromby school was opened, then came St. Serfs school, then Banchory school, then most recently St. Bernadettes school. All of these are primary schools.
1909 - Tullibody School
Class with Mr Kinmond,
Tullibody School
Class 4 - 1905
Bairns at Tullibody School
- perhaps in the 30s, 40s or 50s
1910 - May Pole Day
May-Pole Day 1905
Abercromby School - Primary 3- 1969-70
From Gordon Henderson
At Abercromby School
Abercromby School
1970 primary 1A
Abercromby Primary 7
Abercromby School
primary 2- 1974
Abercomby School
primary 4 - 1976
St. Serfs School
St Serf’s School,
Primary 5, 1957
St. Serfs in 1954 or 55
St Serf's School, 1959/60

Bairns in Northwood Road in 1957 - from Margaret Turner (nee Dick) in Australia


BANCHORY SCHOOL 1968 - From Ian Couper in South Africa


The Public Park at some time in the 1950s - from front of horse - Jack Blair, Eric Low, ? McLaren, Alex Pearson, ??, Anne Young, Nessie Simpson, Anne Morrison, ??, Robert Blair.

At Alloa Academy
The Cubs - 1974
DCL Christmas Party
Scouts - Up the Braes
Scouts - Scone 1948?
Queens Scouts 1961
Scouts 1952
Redlands Road - 1950s
Grange School Hockey
Tullibody Gala in 1948
Helen McCann - Tullibody Gala Queen
I stayed in Tullibody for a year in 1987/1988. I Lived in Baingle Crescent. I went to St Serfs and I was in primary 4. I was 10 years old. Mrs. Broadfoot was the teacher then. I do remember the names of some of my classmates such as Scott, Kelly and Laura but then I don't remember their last names.