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Abercromby Primary 7 photo taken in 1976, the names of the pupils for the Primary 7 photo are: L-R back row - Mr I Crawford (teacher), A.Swan, J.Kerr, A.Hamilton, H.Skinner, A.Huddart, A.Blair, D.MacTagert - 3rd row - A.Hawkes, D.Harvey, J.McKee, J.Meek, A.Hunter, T.McClelland, B.Craig, B.Christie, W.Redfern- 2nd row - L.McLaren, A.Watson, E.Henderson, P.Hall, H.McFarlane, W.Bramley, F.France- Front row - M.McCue, J.Sinclair, D.Russell, H.Johnstone, E.Scott, N.Cairns. - Picture and information from Alan Blair