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2003 - February - from Fizal in Malasia
I stayed in Tullibody for a year in 1987/1988. I Lived in Baingle Crescent. I went to St Serfs and I was in primary 4. I was 10 years old. Mrs. Broadfoot was the teacher then. I do remember the names of some of my classmates such as Scott, Kelly and Laura but then I don't remember their last names.

I would like to search for a guy named Tom (don't know his last name!). He was my best friend then. All I can remember about him is that he lived just beside the grocery store (it was the only shop there and beside it were houses) and he had red hair. He would come over to my house everyday and we would play football and go cycling. See his picture on the left. I really would like to contact him and say thanks for everything he did for me when I lived in Tullibody.

- Fizals email is in the old guest book