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St. Serfs in 1954

Picture taken either 1954 of 55 - In the back row - from the right but not consecutively, Jim Orr, John Paterson, Bobby Hall in the centre, John Glegg, John Jassac. In the second row from the back, Margaret Fairie, Margaret Allardice ,Jean Lilly and Duncan Brember. Third row from the back, Ann Russell, Margaret Clark. Front row, John Frew fourth from right, John Sinclair. Other names I recall but can't with any degree of certainty identify were : Boys - Bert Lang, Tom Docherty, Freddy Kilpatrick, Ian Muir, Campbell Craw, William Sinclair, David Short, Freddy Martin, .......... Aitken; Girls - ........... Sullivan............. Dempsey.

John Frew, who sent the picture and information, now lives in Aberdeen