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The writer of these passages is Branko Petrovic.

Born in Niksic, Montenegro, 1957. Received his degree from Electro-technical Faculty in Belgrade, Serbia, 1983 (BSEE). Started a (self)study of theology, 1979. Worked in Sarajevo, 1984-1990. 1990 spent in Israel, learning Hebrew. Suffered years of civil war and sanctions... Now working as teacher in schools in Belgrade...

Interested in natural sciences, languages, psychology...

Prepared another (heretical) website about Biblical and general typology:



By the end of 1998, I first found the inconsistency of Maxwell's equations for material media, even though I didn't know what exactly all that meant. I presented it to some professors from Belgrade University, but they were perplexed too, maybe because it was the time of NATO aggression 1999. Then I started to write a kind of script, by the beginning of new millennium. My goal was just to write a script for my students, being that the existing textbooks annoyed me due to their inconsistency. When I got those equations I was astonished. I checked them many times, but they always proved ok. Being that I didn't get any clear reply from my teachers, I put it on Internet on 2002. Next year I found a paper from Mr. Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. (On Hertz's Invariant Form of Maxwell's Equations). I was thunderstruck. Then it was clear to me that I had got Hertz's form of Maxwell's equations. After that I tried to publish it in a Journal. I chose "Apeiron" as I thought that they were liberal and unbiased. One year passed, and I didn't get any hint of answer from them. Then I decided to put all this stuff on Internet again, just improving the previous presentation.



My daughters

My daughters - from left to right, Anka, Sofia, Katia (their friend), Tiana.


Wall art

Wall art of my daughters.


Around table

Around table.


My students

My students.