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Welcome to Marcoola

This is the Home Page of
The Marcoola Progress Association


Here we are - The red dot on the map.
Half way between Maroochydore & Coolum
on The Beautiful Sunshine Coast
That's why they called the place
The Marcoola Progress Association was formed on Sunday, 2nd July 1967.
The First President was Mr. Dudley Young who remained an active member until his retirement in the year 2000.
It was initially responsible for setting up the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club and has been serving the community now for the past 35 Years

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<-- CLICK on the Document Icon to view the Original Proclamation of 1967
The Aims are still the same as they were back in 1967. 
"To present a unified voice to the Local Authority in the improvement and development of our area"

Our CURRENT Wish List for the next 12 months is;

Our ON-GOING CAMPAIGN is to lobby Maroochy Council for justice to our community with regards to the Sunshine Coast Airport, in particular; Back to Top

Community Network Watch 

If you live in MARCOOLA and also have access to the INTERNET you could be part of our FREE Community Awareness Network.

It works like a Cyber Neighbourhood Watch using Internet Technology to beat the Crooks.
Members receive regular Newsletters, PCII Bulletins and E-Sandpipers  via their e-mail to keep them up to date on the latest local news as it's breaking.

To Join: Simply send us an E-Mail with your details and we'll add you to our Network Mail List.

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Our Sponsors

The Association could not function without donations and help from Sponsors.
Our Local Businesses have always been very generous with cash donations to help publish the Sandpiper and pay for our Incorporation Fees and general running costs.
In return we urge you to give them Your Support, and we publish their Names and Details on the back page of the Sandpiper for this purpose.
If you would like to become a Sponsor, please contact our Secretary for details.

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What a Shame about CHOGM

What a SHAME The Council didn't act on the Report/s they commissioned GH&D to prepare about Upgrading the SurfAir Precinct as The Gateway to the Sunshine Coast all those YEARS ago.
At least two such Public Consultation Processes have been PAID for by Maroochy Ratepayers only to be Shelved and Ignored by successive Administrations.
If they had followed up and BUILT the Landscaped Boulevard GH&D envisaged, the CHOGM VIPs and the Queen (and the WORLD) would have had a  much better FIRST Impression of our corner of the world than the Existing GROTTY Race Track past SurfAir.
It was also the LAST memory of us they took away as they departed.

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The Sunshine Coast Airport

The AIRPORT dominates our community and its development is of major concern to local residents. And we deserve a better hearing from the Owner (Maroochy Shire Council )

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Test your Powers of Observation and Enter our SIMPLE CONTEST to WIN a Weekend Away at a Marcoola Resort on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast - It's FUN and Surprising.

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The Shire Dog Catcher

The Council Employee who does the most damage to Council Public Relations is their latest, over zealous Dog Catcher who patrols deserted beaches in his new 4WD on the lookout for CRIMINALS who flout the letter of the law he is sworn to uphold by allowing their pets to go for a run off-leash.
At our August 2002 meeting we were told by Council Officials that the reason for 50% of all Marcoola Dog Owners being fined recently was that there were over 7000 dog complaints in the last 12 months and 121 of them came from the Marcoola area.  -- Gee, that equates to less than 1%.
We applied to have a small section of beach between M47 and M50 declared an off-leash zone for this purpose but to no avail. (It's too good a revenue raiser at $150 an offence)

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On Monday morning, 27 September, 1999 a mature humpback whale was washed ashore at Marcoola Beach.
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The FREE Digital Camera
Even if you do not have a camera attached to your computer at the moment, you can take part in this incredible offer for a free photograph using the latest cyber technology.
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We are presently engaged in several Landscaping and Dune Restoration Projects.
But we need more volunteers to help with the Weed Buster Team.
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The ASSOCIATION can only function effectively with the continued STRONG SUPPORT of both North and South Marcoola residents.
For only $5-00 per FAMILY you can have your say in the future of our community.

United we HAVE A VOICE - Alone we're IGNORED

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