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It's Now LAW
You only had until Tuesday 7th September 1999 to lodge your submission with Council
It was approved on 1st November 1999

This plan looks likely to be the BENCHMARK for other Local Authorities to follow
so if you thought it wouldn't affect you - YOU'RE WRONG.
The Local Media gave it very little BAD Publicity as they are strongly PRO-Council
so there are many people out there that do not realise what is in store for them.

Unfortunately it will only be driven home to most of us when it is finally used as a WEAPON by the Council Bureaucrats to hinder or STOP your building application.

And as for the homes in the Airport Precinct.
Double Glazed Windows and Doors is the order of the day.
If you add a room or build an extension you will be expected to install these more expensive items or your permit will be refused.

The GREENIES are really happy about the new maximum BUILDING HEIGHT of 8.5m, which is FINE if you are building on a Dead Flat Site.
But once it starts to SLOPE you're in big trouble.
The trouble with these rules being drafted by inexperienced THEORIES Experts is that they just don't understand the problems involved.
They have NEVER actually tried to DESIGN a house on a sloping site.
But they KNOW what's best for the rest of us.
And no doubt they've got CERTIFICATES to proove it.

And you probably thought a mans home is his CASTLE - (Well not any more)
Your application must pass the Council's Energy Efficiency Rating System before your it's approved.   And if you're preferences are towards; Timber Frames or Suspended Timber Floors you won't make it.  In fact the Traditional QUEENSLANDER fails the test completely.
If you don't believe me - Go to your Progress or Rate-Payers Association and borrow their copy of "Design Code for Climate" and try rating YOUR PRESENT DREAM HOME on the Score Sheet........ Good Luck !