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Marcoola Beach
Progress Association Inc.



The Marcoola Progress Association was formed on Sunday 2nd July 1967 at a well attended
meeting held at the Kiosk. (Now the home of Norm and Dolly Milne)
The first ever president was Mr. Dudley Young who remained an active member for 33 years.
The Purpose of the association was and still is, to present a unified voice to Local Authorities in the
improvement and development of our township.

Among the much needed improvements, their wish list included;
Electric Light Power and Telephone Connection,
Road Repairs, Clearing of Drains, Beach Beautification
and the Provision of Lifesaving Patrols.

By January 1969 they had already established the Marcoola Surf Lifesaving Club and were
working towards the establishment of their own Community Hall.

10 years later saw the Hall still a dream as most of their efforts were directed towards the new
Surf Club - Stage1 of which was finished in November 1980 about the same time as our
Mudjimba cousins (with no surf club aspirations to distract their attention from their goal) opened stage 1
of their Community Hall.

Meanwhile - The airstrip built by Pacific Paradise Development back in 1959 on an area which
was perpetual swamp 2 years before, was officially opened as Maroochy Airport on 12th August
1961.- But by 1970 it was regarded as a white elephant until Council extended runway 18/36 to
allow direct Fokker Friendship services from Sydney.
(The beginning of the END for Marcoola Residents.)

On Dec. 8th.1970 - Ted Humphries opened the Marcoola News Agency.

On Nov.17th. 1971 - Felix Parry’s dream for Marcoola reached fruition with the opening of SurfAir.

Water was connected in 1972

1974 saw 10,000 people attending the Air Show and the Mt.Coolum Golf Club was opened.

May 1975 saw the opening of the Marcoola Service Station _Things were really looking up.
(But 20 years later it was turned into Graffiti Heaven when Shell pulled the plug on us)

A body blow was dealt to the association with the closure of our caravan park in June 1980

And when our efforts to build our community hall were dashed on the eve of commencement in 1983 the heart seemed to go out of the association.
There was little spirit left to protest when council decided to upgrade runway 18/36 to jet standard in 1984 -- and we have been struggling for survival ever since.

We became INCORPORATED in 1994 at which time a new Constitution was written.
This LUXURY costs us over $500 a year, and since our income totals about $180 a year from membership fees we start out behind the 8 ball to the tune of $320.
The Sandpiper also costs $25 each monthly edition and is printed from donations of our Sponsors.
We are actually surviving on the fundraising efforts of our predecessors who were saving up to build the Community Hall. (Now a LOST DREAM)

An all time LOW was reached in 1996 when the Association looked like folding up through lack of support, but we survived to fight the Bikeway Battle and community spirit was re-kindled when the latest Airport Master Plan authors told us that Noise was NOT a problem in 1998.
(See our Airport Page for our reaction to this little gem.)

And now after 33 years of community service your Association is STILL here (A little the worse for wear) - And we plan to STAY.

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Contact the Secretary:
Mrs. Debbie Johnson
6 Lorraine Avenue,
Australia. 4564
Phone/FAX (617) 5448 8850
By email: -

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