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Marcoola Beach
Progress Association Inc.


So - Next years Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is to be held entirely at The Coolum Hyatt from March 2 to March 5.
Everybody agrees that THIS is the Greatest thing to happen to the Sunshine Coast since Captain Cook sailed past in 1770.
Conservative Immediate Economic Benefits to the area of at least $10 Million.
And the flow on from the Media Coverage will be worth Much MORE than that.
More than 800 accredited media personnel will join Government Entourages from 52 Member Countries and The Royal Family and for a whole week the Eyes of The World will focus on Marcoola.
And no matter how they come here; by Road, Sea or Air, for that week they will all have to drive through the SurfAir Precinct. 
Some 14 years ago, the Maroochy Council recognized the importance of this Area as The Gateway to the Sunshine Coast because ALL the tourists arriving by Air and traveling north pass along the David Low Way through this precinct which is virtually the FIRST Glimpse they have of our Coast.
They conducted Public Meetings and Feasibility Studies and even paid GH&D to write a Report on how to improve this First Impression, but that was as far as it went. 
Since then the report has either gathered dust on a shelf or been lost by successive Council Administrations.
Our Association has been trying to resurrect this Project for years but all our requests have always fallen on Deaf Ears.
Too Bad. - Now it's probably TOO LATE.
Instead of the Beautifully Landscaped Boulevard with Central Gardens and Walkways described in the Lost and Forgotten Report, the Queen and World V.I.Ps will be forced to drive through this same rundown neglected GROTTY OLD GHETTO.

The Above appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily on Friday 16th. November as the Letter of the Day.
But the Editor had CHANGED the Title from "Shame about CHOGM" to "Marcoola is Still a Grotty old GHETTO" which Changed the Whole Tone of the Article, and they also added a Photograph of the Practice CHOGM Convoy on The Sunshine Motorway at Maroochydore NOT at  the SurfAir RaceTrack
So we have now added a few Current Photographs of the Subject Precinct so that you can see the view The Queen and other World VIPs will see as they drive through this "Gateway to the Sunshine Coast"
Wouldn't you think that either the State or Federal Government would be so ashamed of this prospect that they would step in and TIDY-UP what the Council have neglected to do for the past Decade. 
No, they wouldn't have time now to finish the job properly with Roundabouts and such. 
But perhaps they'd have time to at least fill in the OPEN DRAINS?

CLICK on the Thumbnail Images to view the Full Size Pictures

This is where the
1st Roundabout
was to have been.
Un-sealed shoulders
are the Order of the  Day
So where are the
Central Gardens??
And This is the BEST
Section of Roadway
More Natural Drains and Un-sealed Shoulders
Open Drains looking
back to SurfAir
And so onto the Hyatt
But first we must pass Stalag Marcoola on the left
      Oh! Sorry - That's the Airport
And if you look closely, in the foreground you will see the
solitary survivor of Councils Landscaping attempt to
hide this unsightly Link Wire Fence. That's one Tough Tree

It's not as though they Couldn't DO it
Just compare the Northern fence on Right
with the Southern fence on the Left --->
If the Organizers have any sense they will bring the VIPs
along the Motorway to Coolum and then south to the Hyatt
(But what about the rest of the Visitors who will be driving
back and forward here for a Whole Week?)

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6 Lorraine Avenue,
Australia. 4564
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