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Marcoola Beach
Progress Association Inc.

Landscape & Dune Restoration Photos.

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The Dune Cleanup Team
This AWARD was presented to the Dune Weedbusters Team in October 2001 by The South-east Queensland Environmental Weeds Management Group in recognition of their valuable contribution. 
This Weedbuster of the Year Award was won by our group at the MSC and IYV  Presentations held at the New Botanic Garden, Tanawah on 30th. Nov 2001.
The Award was based on the Total Volume of Weeds Removed and the Total Man Hours spent on Working Bees for the year
Our first attempt at Dune Weed Busting
Our Co-ordinators are hoping for more local participation in future working bees
 Cr.Errol Middlebrook gets his hands dirty.
Contact Graham Coote (North Marcoola) on 5450 6154
or Bill Parry on 5448 9699 if you would like to participate
The Dune Team in action again at South Marcoola
on Saturday 23rd. June 2001
A better turn out behind Salerno this time, 
But we could do with more BLOKES
(The Ladies are putting US to Shame)
1st. September 2001 at Entry M46A
This is how it WAS
Go down and take a look at it NOW
22nd. September 2001 at Felix Parry Park
Our whole Community could only muster 6 Volunteers
But take a look at what they achieved
So - Where were you? - Having a Life?
Well we wish you a GOOD one!
3rd.November 2001 behind SurfAir Bottle Shop
11 Starters this time 
Thats almost 1% of our Population - WOW!!!
And What do you think of Our NEW BANNER
Kindly Donated by Greening Australia and Coastcare
15th.December 2001
At Entry M46A
What a difference
in just 2 Hours
Before (9-00am)

Errol shouts a Xmas Coldie
for some of the Workers 
After (11-00am)
PS: Hint - CLICK on the Thumbnails for Full Size Pictures

Felix Parry Park Restoration
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trees1.jpg This Picture shows the WHOLE of our park
Photos taken on 25th. June 2001.
Notice the DISTANCE between the barbecue and the Playground
You may have to SCROLL the Picture to see what I mean.
trees2.jpg This shot taken from behind the barbecue looking towards the Playground.   This is TOO FAR for parents to safely supervise their Kids.
trees3.jpg This shot shows the narrow strip of Useable Parkland on the left together with the WASTED SPACE on the right side which is Overgrown Dune Area
TREES5.JPG This is the area we wish to reclaim for useable parkland instead of a BLADY GRASS Garden
trees4.jpg Another shot of the area we want to convert to Parkland.
trees4.jpg This shot taken along the Pathway. The New Park Boundary starts at the Close Fence Post.
It almost DOUBLES the size of Felix Parry Park
(Felix would be SO PLEASED)
We HOPE to be able to post BEFORE and AFTER Pictures REAL SOON!
It all depends on our Application for the GRANT

The Landscaped Garden

Here are the Pictures taken at The Tree Planting Working Bee at Petrie Avenue and Begonia Way 
held on 20th. NOV. 1999 

trees2.jpg Over 40 keen volunteer gardeners made light work of planting 830 trees and shrubs along the new nature strip between the David Low Highway and Begonia Way at the Petrie Avenue entrance to North Marcoola under the watchful eye of Chris Jonkers of Greening Australia.
Some of the WORKERS came from as far away as Yaroomba and Nambour
Now THAT'S Community Spirit!
TREES5.JPG Thanks go to Lend Lease for the donation of the massive quantity of soil and mulch which formed the basis of the project, and the Mudjimba Volunteer Fire Brigade for the initial watering of the plants.
trees4.jpg Chris Jonkers (centre) with a few of the Gardeners
18 MONTHS LATER  April 2001
Begonia Way is now completely hidden from the Highway
And the NOISE is GREATLY REDUCED as well
...and the Queen and the other Visiting CHOGM VIPs  will get a better impression of North Marcoola.
(Shame about the SurfAir Precinct)

Mudjimba Wallum Rescue Garden

A group of Green Volunteers attend a Workshop organized by Greening Australia at the Mudjimba Garden on 28/6/01 to learn how to identify and monitor the Native Plants therein.


Like to be part of the Action?
Contact Graham Coote (Our Working Bee Co-Ordinator) on 5450 6154

Mrs. Debbie Johnson
6 Lorraine Avenue,
Australia. 4564
Phone/FAX (617) 5448 8850

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