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The hero can make any target except his own body vanish and instantly reappear at a distant site. The target does not physically cross the intervening distance and is unaffected by most physical barriers. Column E of the Range Table shows the maximum distance the hero can Teleport a passenger.

Teleportation always occurs if the passenger is immobile or touching the hero. The passenger must make an yellow Endurance FEAT to see how he fared. Failure means disorientation for 1-10 turns.

If the passenger is uncooperative or in motion, the hero must make an Agility FEAT to catch him. In addition, each 10' of distance separating the hero and passenger increases the Power rank -1CS.

The Power can teleport a mass equal to the hero's Strength limit. This may be a single object or any number, so long as the weight limit isn't exceeded. If the hero is trying to exceed his limit, he only Teleports part of the mass. Living targets are transported intact; if a being weighs too much it simply won't Teleport. Only the amount of non-living material that within the limit is Teleported; the rest is left behind.

Example: The Teleportation beam aboard the spaceship Jenni Lea has Ex(20) rank and can handle up to 800LBS of material. An emergency required the evacuation of 5 people (average weight 200 lbs.) and their equipment. The Teleportation beam sorted out its load before taking effect. Only 4 of the crewmen were teleported in the first turn. The 5th crewman, the equipment, and the clothes the other 4 had previously been wearing arrived on the next go-round.

The hero can consciously try to Teleport sections of a target; the effect is as if the hero had used an extremely fine scalpel. Such Teleportational dissection requires a Power FEAT whose intensity is equal to the material strength of a nonliving target or the actual Strength of a living target. Heroes with Medical Talents can develop this type of exotic surgery as a Power Stunt.

Certain conditions can prevent the passage of a Teleportation beam. Neutronium and black holes are impassable. Barriers that incorporate such Powers as Force Field vs. either Energy or Magic, Power Negation, or True Invulnerability are impenetrable if their Intensity ranks are greater than this Power's rank.

The act of Teleportation takes 3 turns. The 1st turn the hero affects the target. The 2nd turn the actual transportation occurs. The 3rd turn the target rematerializes. Only on the 4th turn can the hero seek another target.

Optional Powers include Teleport-Self and Clairvoyance.

Range: See Above.