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Elemental Conversion

The hero can convert any matter into a specific element. The matter to be converted can be any 1 element or a combination of elements. The resulting element can be any of the hundred-odd natural, artificial, and mythical elements. Natural elements are those numbered 1 (Hydrogen) to 92 (Uranium) on the Periodic Table; these require a green FEAT to create. Artificial elements are those numbering higher than 92 and do not naturally occur on Earth outside of man's experiments; such elements include Neptunium, Plutonium, and the like. A yellow FEAT is required to create these. Mythical elements include Vibranium and any other imaginary element the Judge decides to add to this category; a red FEAT is required to create these.

Note: it has never been established whether Vibranium is an element or a compound; Judges are therefore instructed to decide which category Adamantium fits into in the Judge's campaign.

The hero can alter a finite amount of matter per turn. The maximum amount per turn is the number of pounds equal to the Power rank number. The amount of matter weighs the same in its original and transformed states. If the hero converts matter into denser elements, the volume decreases. Converting matter to lighter elements increases the volume. For example, 1 cubic foot of lead weighs the same as 17.5 cubic feet of carbon. Just exploiting this little fact of life can lead the hero to develop a variety of Power Stunts. For example, the hero might cause a sudden vacuum in a room by converting all air to a dense solid, like bismuth.

Normally, when matter is converted by this Power, it retains its new nature permanently or at least until a reverse transformation is forced on it at a later date.

At the time the hero is created, the player has an option of increasing his Power rank by making the Power's effect temporary. The hero can gain +1CS by reducing the duration of his transformations to the number of turns equal to his Reason rank number. For example, a hero with Gd(10) Reason and Pr(4) Elemental Conversion can convert 4LBS. of material that reverts to its original state in 10 hours.

The normal form of this Power is fatal if used on a living target. Tissue transformed by the Power suffers instantaneous death. If the hero chooses the option of temporary effect, the Power has a different effect on living tissue. The affected area enters Suspended Animation until it reverts to its original state. This can also be developed into a variety of Power Stunts. Of course, if only part of the living target is transformed, the rest of the body still suffers the shock of having part of itself transformed into nonliving elements.

The minimum amount of matter that can be transformed is limited only by the hero's sight. If the hero can see it, he can transform it. The practical limit for unaided human vision is 1/128th of an inch.

Lest you think your hero is going to retire to Brazil and spend the rest of his days turning weeds to gold, let me warn you about the drawbacks. Each pound of matter the hero converts temporarily costs him 1 point of Health. This is automatically regained, after 24 hours. On the business side, there is the question of selling the raw elements. Gold, platinum, and other rare, valuable elements are kept strictly accounted for by a variety of governmental and business organizations. If your hero makes a habit of coming up with large amounts of bullion, someone is going to begin to notice. That someone could be anyone from a relatively benign IRS agent come to audit your hero's accounts to a sinister agent of the Gold Cartel come to shut down the new competitor (i.e., kill your hero). About the only choice your hero has is selling small amounts to local precious metals dealers. Going this route can raise your hero's Resource rank +3CS; any more than that and somebody will notice and take action.

The range at which the Power can operate is determined by the Power Rank Range Table. When creating the hero, the player can choose the option of increasing either the amount affected or the range by decreasing the other factor an equal amount.

For example, a Ty(6) rank can convert 6LBS. of matter at a distance of 2 areas. Either factor can be modified a maximum of 2CS. One way produces a hero who has Fb(2) effect(2 LBS.) but Ex(20) range(6 areas). Going the opposite route produces a hero with Ex(20) effect (20LBS.) but Fb(2) range(contact only).

Stationary, non-living, unprotected targets are automatically affected. Moving targets require an Agility FEAT by the hero to hit the target. Living targets are allowed to Resist this Power just as they could any other attack. Protections against this Power include Force Field vs. Energy Attack, Resistance to Energy Attack, True Invulnerability, various Magics, and various Power Controls. Any of these completely protect against a lesser ranked Elemental Conversion and have a limited affect against equal or greater ranks. The Judge is free to decide the results of partial protection against this Power.

Optional Powers include Matter Animation and Molding.

The Nemeses include Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, and True Invulnerability.

Range: Column A.