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The hero can turn any attack back onto the attacker. The attack may be of any nature: brute force, Power, or magic. The Power absorbs the energy of the attack up to this rank and redirects it. A Ty FEAT sends the attack off in a random direction. An Am FEAT reflects some of the attack back onto the attacker; it is now -3CS in Intensity. An Un FEAT sends the entire attack back onto the attacker. If the attack's Intensity is higher than this Power's rank, some of the damage passes through and affects the hero. The Power rank is subtracted from the attack's Intensity. While most of the attack is reflected, the remainder gets through to the hero.

Example: The terrible Turnabout is battling X-Factor. Cyclops fires an optic blast of Rm Intensity. Turnabout possesses Ex Reflection. His Power splits the blast in two. A Fb blast penetrates his Power and knocks Turnabout back. The bulk of the blast was reflected. Turnabout made an Am FEAT, so some of Cyclops' blast returns to him. Cyke takes Ty damage from his own Power.

Normally, this Power is consciously controlled and only appears when the hero wills it. However, the Power can be turned against the hero by such means as Power Control - Magnification and Power Domination. In such cases, the Power can be magnified beyond the hero's control to a level where it reflects everything, including air, food, and water.

The Power can be used indefinitely, so long as it isn't overcome by superior force. After the first time the Power is breached, the hero must make a green FEAT. Failure to do so means his Power has failed. After the second breach, the hero must make a yellow FEAT. For each breach following that, he must make a red FEAT. This applies to a continual use of the Power. If his Power fails, the hero cannot regain it until 24 hours have passed.