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This is best described as "super-ventriloquism." Although it is radically different in execution from the Talent of Ventriloquism, the effect at low levels is similar. Simply put, the hero can make his voice audible in a distant location, without the vocal soundwaves actually traveling the intervening distance. The Power is actually a specialized form of Telekinesis which allows the hero to agitate the distant molecules in a way that simulates sound transmission. The Power enables the hero to be heard instantaneously at any distance, despite any barriers to normal sound transmission. The only barriers that stop this Power are those that interfere with Psionic Powers.

The hero has 100% accuracy, provided he can somehow sense the target area. This is commonly provided by such Powers as Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. If the hero lacks the means to check on his aim, he cannot control anything but the basic direction his voice is being sent.

If the hero has other sonic-based Powers, they can be combined with this Power to greatly enhance their range. If the hero has Extradimensional Detection or Dimension Travel, these can be used to modify the Power and enable the hero to Speech-throw into other Dimensions.

The Bonus Power is Clairaudience.

Optional Powers include Clairvoyance, Vocal Control, Hyper-Hearing, and Sensory Link.

The Nemesis is Force Field vs. Psionics.

Range: Column E.