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The hero can handle material objects without having to make direct or indirect physical contact (pushing or blowing, for example). The hero can perform any action that could be accomplished using normal Strength. The Power rank serves as an equivalent for the Strength rank. Most Telekinetics ("TKs") visualize their Power in terms of an amorphous arm extending from the body. This leads to a curious psychological handicap in that most TKs cannot lift their own bodies. Only rare examples like Marvel Girl have overcome this bit of irrationality.

The range is determined by the Power rank. Each additional simultaneous action reduces the range -1CS. Multiple activities share the common pool of TK strength. The more actions that are attempted, the weaker each telekinetic arm becomes. If the hero attempts to perform a greater number of simultaneous complex activities than the Judge thinks plausible, the Judge may require an Agility FEAT.

If the hero also possesses Remote Sensing, she can develop a sense of touch through her TK grasp. This permits the hero to handle materials that are not within her sight. Clairvoyance can be incorporated into TK to permit visual guidance.

Optional Powers include Matter Animation, Molding, Clairvoyance, Remote Sensing - Touch, Levitation, and True Flight.

Nemesis is either Force Field vs. Psionics or Gravity Manipulation.

Range: Column A.