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The hero can "see" distant sights without directly seeing it with his eyes. The hero receives a visual simulation of what he would see if he were actually present at the scene. The Power is not hindered by any of the factors that affect normal light transmission, such as distance, blockage, obscurement, and time lag. It can be used to see things that are impossible for a telescope or Telescopic Vision. For example, a Mn(75) Clairvoyant could see current conditions inside a sealed room on the surface of Venus.

When in use, the Power overrides normal vision. Normally the Power is consciously controlled. Sometimes it functions automatically. This can be the result of improper control, interference, or be triggered by sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone who whom the hero shares an emotional rapport. ("Oh no, Billy Jo fell off the bridge!") The Power can work against the hero if unwanted visions obscure the hero's sight or distract him at a crucial moment. For example, if Dr. Strange had a sudden flash while operating on a patient, a malpractice suit might be in order.

When the Power is used to spy on another Clairvoyant, there is a possibility of that person detecting the use of the Power. The Judge makes a discreet Red FEAT based on the observed character's Power rank.

Clairvoyance can function as a pipeline to draw light-based and Psionic attacks toward the hero. Such attacks may even affect him if they were aimed at something else within the area he is spying upon. The hero has -1CS resistance to such attacks.

Clairvoyance can be used in conjunction with other Powers to increase the range at which those Powers can affect a target.

Optional Powers include Clairaudience and Remote Sensing.

The Nemesis is Force Field vs. Mental.

Range: Column E.