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The hero can "hear" distant sounds and voices despite any intervening distance or barriers. The Power is not hindered by factors that affect normal sound transmission, such as distance, time lag, muffling, distortion, or the absence of a transmitting medium. Because of this, Clairaudience has superior range over Hyper-Hearing. Only Clairaudience enables the hero to hear across a vacuum, for example.

Unfortunately, Clairaudience can act as a pipeline to direct another's Psionic or Sonic attacks toward the hero. Because of this side-effect, the hero is -1CS to resist such attacks. These attacks need not even be aimed at the hero but might still affect the hero if the other Power is being used in the area the hero is spying upon.

Example: Captain Tympanic is using his Power to eavesdrop on bank-robbers planning a heist. Unfortunately, Charmer appeared and used her Hypnotic Voice Power to capture the gang. Capt. Tympanic is caught in her spell as well.

When the Power operates, it overrides the hero's natural hearing. Distant sounds are sensed at their original volume level. If the volume is too loud the hero can reduce it with a green FEAT. Faint sounds can be magnified by a yellow FEAT. The Power is normally a voluntary Power that must be summoned. Sometimes it functions automatically; this can be the result of improper control, tampering by outside forces, or be triggered by sudden, dramatic events occurring to someone with whom the hero shares an emotional rapport. ("That was Lewis crying for help!")

When using the Power to eavesdrop on another Clairaudient, that person may automatically sense the first Clairaudient's effort. This is determined by the Judge making a secret red FEAT based on the second hero's Power rank.

The Optional Powers for this are Hyper-hearing, Clairvoyance, and Remote Sensing.

The Nemesis for this is Force Field vs. Mental.

Range: Column E.