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Shield - Individual

The caster create a sorcerous shield to protect himself. The shield has an Armor rank equal to the spell rank. This shield is usually invisible to all but magic wielders and can be projected out away from the caster's outstretched hand a few feet. The caster moves the shield to block attacks. If the caster is attacked from a number of sources at once the shield will only protect him from 1 attack. If the caster is surprised, or if the attacking character succeeds in targeting a magical beam or bolt as a bull's-eye, it means the caster could not move his shield fast enough to deflect the attack. If the shield is hit by an attack with a higher spell rank it shatters, though no damage penetrates it to harm the caster during that round.

The caster can also use this spell to encircle himself with 4 weaker shields (Armor rank equalling the spell rank -1CS).

If any of the shields are broken, the remainder are unaffected. The caster cannot leave the circle of shields until they dissipate or are destroyed.

This is a magical version of a Force Field.