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This spell creates an illusion in the mind of creatures within the area of effect. The player whose character is using this spell must describe it to the Judge. The illusion looks, sounds, and smells the way it would if it were real, but cannot cause damage. Since the illusion exists only in the mind of the targets, no one outside the area of effect can see it. All characters in the area of effect see the same illusion. The caster must concentrate on the illusion for the entire duration of its existence to be believable.

Each character seeing the illusion may make a Psyche FEAT roll to disbelieve it at the beginning of the illusion and every other round after that. If the FEAT roll is successful, the illusion fades from his mind. Other characters with illusion creating powers, whether magical, mutant, or whatever, receive a +2CS to their attempts to disbelieve. An unaffected character cannot persuade an affected character of the illusion's true nature.

Characters who are affected will act as they normally would if the illusion were real. If characters attack an illusion, attacks will not affect it (although the caster could make it seem otherwise); the Judge will have to keep track of the attacks because of the possibility of injury to bystanders or property. Items passing through an illusion may look like they are absorbed by it, like he side-stepped it, or whatever else the caster desires.

If the illusion is of something silly, confusing, or extremely contradictory, then the Judge should secretly roll an Intuition check for those affected to disbelieve it.