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The caster creates a pleasant aura about himself, charming opponents in the area of effect. Every opponent in the area is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll (see Magic Effects Table). If the target is affected, he will quickly change his mind about attacking the caster because "there is just something about him he likes"; if the Psyche FEAT result is "No Effect", the target is not even aware that the caster tried to charm him. A charmed target will not attack the caster, but will attack another opponent, if one is available. The caster cannot give orders of any kind to a charmed character; the spell is not a form of mental control.

A charmed target is allowed to make a Psyche FEAT roll each round to attempt to break the charm. Each charmed opponent must break the charm on his own; he cannot be persuaded that he is charmed by friends, although a counterspell cast by a friend might break the charm. Unless the charm is broken, it will remain in effect for the duration of the spell, even if the caster leaves. A charmed character will not remember that he has been charmed once the spell expires.

If the caster attacks an opponent charmed by his spell, the spell is automatically broken, and the target retains full memories of being charmed and remembers who is responsible.