Arcana, A SNES Classic

Here we are. It's been a long time coming, but I have now decided to make this section. Seeing as this is the game that started it all for me...

Arcana is a little known game for the Super Nintendo. In it, you played as Rooks, the last person with the power to control mystic spirits enshrined in cards (thus, the name of the game). As the only surviving Card Master, it's Rooks' duty to defeat the evil wizard that overthrew the king ten years ago and stop the revival of an ancient demonic empress.

Due to the game difficulty, a sub-par translation (it was the SNES era, after all) and the fact that you had to navigate many complex mazes, Arcana wasn't well received. However, it earned a special place in my heart as one of my first real RPGs, the origin of my Head Muse and a simple, yet fun game to play over the years. And thus, I decided to make my largest shrine ever, dedicated to this fine game.

Developer: Hal
English Name: Arcana
Japanese Name: Card Master: Rimsalia no Fuuin (The Seal of Rimsalia)
Release Date: 1992 (March-Japan, June-US)
System: Super Famicom/Super Nintendo
Game Type: First Person Adventure RPG
Number of Players: 1

Note: Due to the use of Japanese characters in these pages, this shrine is best viewed in Unicode (UTF-8).


Rooks, Hero of Arcana
Teefa, Sorceress Princess
Salah, Younger Sister
Darwin, Elfin Wanderer
Axs, Loyal Knight
Other Characters


Chapter 1, The Journey Begins
Chapter 2, Reinoll the Elder
Chapter 3, Rescue
Chapter 4, Confrontation
Chapter 5, Salvation

Information & Misc.

Random Facts Lost in Translation
Deep Thoughts About Arcana
Arcana Represented in Other Media
Why Arcana?
Some Arcana Wallpapers I Made