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The Cape Starburst Game
(normal version)

Rules: Take one Starburst (or another food, or a sip of juice) each time one of the following happens (excluding the opening credits).

Every time:

* Someone says "Houston"
* Any main character drives their car
* Someone's at the beach house
* Riles goes on a mission
* Someone is at Moonshot
* Someone uses a badge swiper
* Curt mentions repaying Zeke
*Atlantis is flown
* Someone mentions "teamwork" or "a team"
* Someone says "Roger that"
* Someone says "Copy that"
* Bull goes swimming in the ocean
* Andrea does her "head twist" or "head dip" thing or plays with her hair
* D.B. says a string of technobabble
* An orbiter other than the one used in the storyline is shown in place of the storyline's orbiter (i.e. showing Columbia launch when it's supposed to be Atlantis)
* Barbara's accident is mentioned
* Someone uses a T-38
* Someone is wearing an orange launch/landing suit
* Sylvia is in the episode
* We see Janet (Bull's secretary)
* Sam Blake is in the episode
* Riles calls Zeke "Beaumont"
* Someone mentions a real-life astronaut
* A real-life astronaut appears in the show
* Something bad happens because of politics
* Someone's in a simulator
* The Beastie Boys are in an episode (the 2 guys who make malfunctions in the simulator)
* The Beastie Boys say "Off the runway"
* Something's not true to life or is technically incorrect (exception being that the show takes place at KSC instead of Houston)
* Someone's family member shows up
* Someone is playing a sport
* Cosmonauts are involved in the storyline
* Someone falls or collapses
* Someone does a spacewalk
* The military of any country is mentioned or involved
* Riles snorts
* The opening credits are changed
* Someone's blue astronaut bag is shown
* Curt's Beaumont Towing truck appears
* Real NASA footage is used
* Someone calls Bull "Henry"
* Someone makes an Apollo 13 reference
* Sonic booms are heard
* A spoken reference is made to an earlier episode
* Someone becomes an astronaut (i.e. earns a gold pin)

The Cape Starbust Game
(Extremely Cape-Happy [or chaos] version)

Rules: In addition to eating one Starburst (or whatever) for each time one of the following happens, also follow the additional instructions for each one.

Every time:

* Someone says "Houston", yell "We have a problem!"
* Something technical goes wrong, yell "Off the runway!"
* Two characters argue or disagree. Take the side of the character on your respective side of the screen and yell that that person is right, regardless of whether they actually are right or not. For example, if Peter and Riles are arguing, and Peter's on the right side of the screen and Riles is on the left, the person (or people) sitting on the right side of the room yell "Peter's right!" while the person (or people) sitting on the left side of the room yell "Riles is right!"
* The United States military is mentioned, yell "Hooah," which is the Army word for "yes" and "I know" and several other things.
* Another television show appears to be crossed-over into that episode, yell the name of that show (i.e. If another show you watch has a character named Blake, yell the name of that show when you see Sam Blake)
* Someone disapproves of the Space Program, shoot neurons at them (Be creative with this one. Shooting neurons must involve a sound)
* Anyone escapes death, yell "Everybody says yay!"
* Someplace is shown that you've actually been to, yell "Been there!"
* Sonic booms are heard, yell "Boom boom"
* You actually understand a strand of D.B.'s technobabble without serious thought, turn off the television and seek professional help. :-) (just kidding)

A word of caution--Be very careful if you're playing the normal version during "The Last to Know". My advice is to use M&Ms or smaller foods for everything. (I used Starburst for all the "normal" episode stuff and peanut M&Ms for the clips, and I still got a bad stomachache. Just be careful. <g>)  (I also used Starburst for the entire 2-part Mir Mir episode--also not a bright idea.)

Any questions or contributions to the game, contact Gretchen Carlson at or me (Katie Zajdel) at or at .
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This page last updated April 9, 2001.