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                                       Forever Endeavour

by Katie Zajdel

                                                        There's a show we love to watch
                                                        (We all know its name).
                                                        We all want to see it more:
                                                        That's become our common aim.

                                                        Saving a show takes a commitment
                                                        That only a team can give.
                                                        So let's borrow some of everyone's traits
                                                        To help ensure The Cape will live.

                                                        We need the intelligence of D.B.
                                                        In all that we write and say,
                                                        And the determination of Barbara--
                                                        We won't stop, no matter what gets in our way.

                                                        We need Andrea's P.R. skills
                                                        To make others see our view.
                                                        And we sure could use Tamara's big heart
                                                        To see all our endeavours through.

                                                        We need to borrow some of Bull's
                                                        Passion for a cause.
                                                        The kind that keeps you up at bat
                                                        When you're being thrown curveballs.

                                                        We need Reggie's structured methods
                                                        To organize our mail,
                                                        And Riles' stubborn confidence
                                                        That tells us we won't fail.

                                                        We need a bit of Zeke's spirit
                                                        To keep our own spirits high,
                                                        And some of Peter's awe and excitement
                                                        To help us all remember why.

                                                        So "keep on climbing," fellow Capers,
                                                        Don't let our show say, "Au revoir."
                                                        We're being heard, we're making a difference.
                                                        Keep on reaching for those stars.
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