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The Florida Curse of Due South

Over the years of watching Due South, I began to notice a strange trend. It seems that Florida was mentioned more times in the show than any other state in the U.S. (outside Illinois, of course), and that whenever Florida was mentioned, something bad always seemed to happen. I started calling this the Florida Curse, and I began to look for it in the episodes. Below is a list of times I've noticed that Florida was mentioned (also, as fellow DueSer Kelly pointed out to me, the more times Florida is mentioned in an ep, the worse everything seems to get. It's proportional! "Victoria's Secret" is the best example of this). If you have any to contribute, please e-mail me! One more note: no offense is meant to Florida residents. This is all in good fun (I have nothing against Florida. In fact, I go to school there). Also, no offense is meant to Due South. This is not a page meant to degrade it. It's my favorite show, and I would never say anything against it. I just thought this was interesting. So, without further a*due*, here goes....

Episode name                                       Mention of Florida
"Free Willie" Woman bank robber had been arrested in Florida
"The Man Who Knew Too Little" Ray's going to Miami for a seminar
"Victoria's Secret" Ray's family goes to Florida to visit relatives
"North" Ray gave up two weeks of vacation in Miami to go with Benny **
"The Mask" Curator's parents live in Pensacola
"Juliet Is Bleeding" One of Zuko's guys is leaving for Florida
"Mountie Sings the Blues" Stan asks suspect if he's ever been to Florida

** Donated by Marie Andree
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This page last updated April 9, 2001.