Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Sirius Black/ Remus Lupin

A Christmas to Remember

Rated: NC-17. Written for the Sirius Remus Christmas Swap. This is a story set during the Marauders Era about a very special Christmas between the two. Sirius hates Christmas, but Remus loves it. Remus comes up with a plan to make Sirius love it as much as he does, but will Sirius's jealous attitude get in the way of Remus's surprise.

Waiting for a Wake Up Call Chapter 1, 2, 3,

Rated: NC-17. Sirius isn't exactly as up to par as he'd like everyone to believe during his time in Grimmauld Place. He's been walking through a daze ever since he escaped from Azkaban, but his running around kept him from thinking too much about it. Now that he's 'trapped' he has some time to think and he doesn't really know what to do with himself. All he wants to do is wake up and find that the last fifteen years has just been a bad dream. So what happens when he does?

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