A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember


A Christmas to Remember

“So what do you think. Is it at least a little more cheery.” Remus asked looking apprehensively at Sirius. Sirius smiled indulgently not bothering to look up from his book.

“It looks fine Moony.” He said in that tone Remus knew he used when he was trying to get Remus off his back.

“Sirius this is serious. I’m trying to make this place more… lively.” Sirius would have laughed at his friend, but it was clear that Remus was earnest about his attempt to make their dorm room festive. As if the holly and wreaths and 20 foot tall Christmas trees weren’t enough Remus had to make their room a Christmas catastrophe.

“The whole of Hogwarts is lively, Remus. Why do you have to go and make it so that we have to live in a never-ending Christmas fairy tale?” Sirius said placing his bookmark in to mark the place he had been reading.

“Because… it’s Christmas!” Remus said with a bright smile on his face. One that, had it been for anything besides Christmas, Sirius would have melted inside.

“You know I’ve never liked Christmas. I don’t know why you insist on shoving it down my throat.” Sirius said.

“It’s my favorite holiday. I just wish you could at least try to get into the spirit.”

“I don’t like Christmas. It’s not one of my favorite holidays. It never will be.”

Remus sighed. Sirius hatred for the holiday had been somewhat legendary in the dorms. From the first Christmas he had spent at Hogwarts Sirius made it known that the whole holiday bugged him. He made sure to mess up the teacher’s attempts to make things bright and cheery in class.

He, with the reluctant help of James, sabotaged more then a few attempts to make the Great Hall look whimsical and Christmas like. Sirius just didn’t like Christmas and Remus suspected that it had something to do with his family. The Black’s didn’t seem like the loving holiday type. There was probably no eggnog or pleasant family feasts in the Black home.

“Fine. If you don’t like Christmas that’s fine.” Remus said sitting down next to him.

“Thank you. I know you and Prongs and Wormtail would like it if I was more… into the holiday spirit, but I just never liked Christmas.” Sirius said pulling Remus closer to him. Remus laid his head down on Sirius’s shoulder and curled up to his side.

“Maybe that’s because you’ve never had anyone to share it with. You know, now that we’re all going to be here over the holidays we could do something. You know just the Marauders… and Lily. We could celebrate it all together.” Remus said.

“I don’t know, Moony. I know I’m not going home and everything… I just thought it could be the two of most of the time.” Sirius said wrapping his arm possessively around Remus’s waist.

“Sirius we live in a dorm with two other people who will be staying over the holidays. I don’t think we’ll have much ‘alone time.” Remus said.

“Well then as much alone time as we can manage.” Sirius said kissing the top of Remus’s head. Remus smiled.

Though Sirius projected the image of selfish sarcastic egotistical troublemaker he had his romantic side. Remus could still remember the day somewhere at the end of their sixth year where a stuttering uncharacteristically shy Sirius Black had professed his love to him.

It had been some time after the Whomping Willow incident with Snape. Remus had refused to talk to Sirius for weeks. It had been eating Remus alive to not talk to the one person he loved more then he ever thought possible, but he had stood to his convictions.

Sirius himself had been going through similar emotions over Remus. He didn’t know exactly what they had meant and was terrified at loosing his best friend if he did speak up, but as he saw that each day Remus seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him had been exactly what he had feared.

He scooped up his courage and cornered Remus in a corridor and pushed him into an abandoned classroom. Sirius had then started to rant and ramble on about his feelings for a good half hour before he looked over to see Remus smirking at him. Sirius’s features changed to confused and angry and Remus shook his head and leaned in to kiss Sirius.

They had been together since then, but the time they spent together was few and far between. Remus was always studying or working or doing something that kept him occupied and although Sirius didn’t have as much on his plate he still had work. They hadn’t been able to see each other much over the summer except for when Remus convinced his parents to let him go to James’s.

Sirius had been disowned in that time and had run away to James’s because it was the only place he could go. Remus had been eager to tell his parents about their relationship considering they didn’t hold much care towards their son’s preferences, but even though they were very liberal minded they wouldn’t exactly tolerate their son’s boyfriend living with them.

“Sure, Sirius, we’ll spend time together. It’s just our friends are staying because this is one of the last time we’ll see each other altogether. You and James are going to be so busy with Auror training and Lily will be learning how to become a healer. Peter will be working with Gringotts and I’ll…” Remus’s brow furrowed when he thought about his non-existent plans for the future.

“Still not sure about what you’re gonna do with the rest of your life?” Sirius asked.

“You know that’s not it at all. There are a million things I’d love to do with my life, but…”

“Who’s going to hire a werewolf for those jobs.”

“Exactly… I don’t want to think about it. It’s the holidays and I just want to think nice thoughts right now.” Remus said.

“Me too, Moony… although I’d rather not think about the holiday’s as well.”

“So got anything special planned for your first holiday alone with Remus?” James asked Sirius as the walked down Hogsmeade looking for the perfect gift that James could give Lily.

“We’re just going to spend time together is all. Why does it have to be special?” Sirius asked.

“Because it’s Christmas. Don’t you want to do something nice for Remus? I mean after all he puts up with you for 364 days in the year, he deserves one good day and you know how much he loves Christmas.” James said.

“Yes and you know how much I hate it. Load of rubbish is what this holiday is. I thought it was supposed to be religious.” Sirius said.

“I’ll never understand you and your hatred for Christmas. I personally think it’s one of the best holidays around… well besides Halloween that is. I mean the food alone…” James trailed off as he thought of the holiday feasts Hogwarts had ever year.

“You can get food like that any time. Doesn’t have to be bloody Christmas for you to stuff your face Prongs.” Sirius said.

“Whatever. You go on and continue hating Christmas. I’m just saying the least you can do is buy Remus something nice.” James said.

“If I buy him something nice it’s because I love him and not because of some stupid holiday.”

“Sure, mate whatever you say. Speaking of Remus, where is he?”

“Said he had some extra homework to make up. You know how he is.” Sirius said thinking about his boyfriend and how he would slave away for hours over homework.

“Still you’d think he’d pry himself away from it for just a couple of hours to actually enjoy the fact that holiday is about to start in a few days school. Well at least he’s not like Peter who’s too busy carrying Helen’s bags to pay attention to his best mates.” James commented.

Helen was Peter’s new girlfriend who was a bit snobby and uptight. From the first meeting with the Marauders James knew he didn’t like her. He said she had a look on her face the whole time, one that said she was near something stinky and would rather be tortured then sit with them during dinner.

“He bloody well better not be. The only person Remus should pay that much attention to is me.” Sirius said.

James sighed. Sirius was still so insecure about his relationship with Remus after all this time. James couldn’t for the life of him figure out why. Remus practically worshipped the ground Sirius walked on. James blamed it on the whole Black family in general. He had met Mrs. Black once the entire time he had been Sirius’s friend.

She wasn’t a loving woman nor were any of the people in Sirius’s family. They taught him how to be bitter and cynical rather then trusting and loving and although Sirius didn’t like to admit it, he did pick up some of their bad traits.

“You sound like one of those jealous territorial types. Why don’t you just piss on Remus to mark your territory.” James said.

“Fuck you.” Sirius said.

“Sorry mate, don’t swing that way, but maybe when we get back you can seduce Remus away from his schoolwork.” James said not even noticing the sarcastic smile Sirius had given him.

“So what exactly are we looking for here?” Sirius asked after they had walked around for a few more aimless minutes. They had stopped at a new jewelry shop across from the Three Broomsticks and James was looking inside at the display.

“I’m not sure. It has to be something perfect. Something she’ll absolutely love.” James said.

“Why don’t you just propose already and get over with.” Sirius joked.

“I don’t know… am I ready for that?” James asked.

“How the bloody hell should I know? I’m not you.”

“You’ve been dating Remus for about as long as I’ve been dating Lily. Do you think you’d settle down at this point in time.”

“There’s a significant difference in our situations, Prongs.”

“Okay let’s say they some how passed a law saying you two could get married… would you ask him?” James asked. Sirius thought about it for a moment. He couldn’t imagine his life without Remus in it and he didn’t really want to.

“James, I don’t need to stand up in front of a bunch of people and declare my love for Remus.”

“See, Sirius you pretend like you aren’t but deep down you’re just one big fat romantic. Least you’ve finally admitted how you feel about Remus. I thought I was going to have lock you to into a room before you stated your feelings.”

“Yeah just don’t let anyone else know about it… and I didn’t take that long to tell Remus how I felt about him.”

“Yes, you did. You were in love with him the first day you met him. You may not have known it, but I could see it in your eyes.”

“I was not.”

“Believe whatever you want Padfoot. I know what I saw. Can we go into this store? I might see something I like.” James said.

Sirius only nodded and followed his friend inside the store. It was like any of the stores in Hogsmeade, nothing remotely special about it. There were cases upon cases of jewelry.

Some regular jewelry you could by in a muggle store and others piece were enchanted or made from magically materials sat in the display cases. Sirius looked around a bit before stopping in front of one display case. He felt drawn to the piece of the jewelry. It seemed to be the only unfeminine thing in the store.

It was a pair of rings. Simple in design, they looked as though they were made of silver with a ring of gold in the middle. They weren’t diamond encrusted or anything, but they were so shiny that Sirius felt drawn to them.

“Ah, now there’s a man that’s in love.” Sirius turned around to see an old man standing behind him.

“Why do you say that… sir?” Sirius asked.

“Those rings there be commitment rings. Shiny aren’t they.” The old man said.

“Yeah, they are shiny.” Sirius said.

“They only look that way for people who are in love. Ordinary folk pass ‘em and just see two old rusty rings. Some spell placed on ‘em so’s they appear dull to those who aren’t in love. The old wizard thought you couldn’t appreciate real beauty if you wasn’t in love.” The old man said.

“Oh, are there more of these?” Sirius asked.

“Mmmhmm. Just a few left in the world I expect. See the rings, they don’t come off so after you put them on you’re stuck with ‘em for life.” The old man said.

“Are they made of silver?” Sirius asked as he looked back at the rings. They really did shiny very nicely.

“Nope, older magical metal. Can’t remember what, but it ain’t silver. Do I have a customer?” The old man asked. “

How much?” Sirius said turning to the old man with a smile on his face.

“Oh, I’d say they go for about 500 galleons. Now, I wouldn’t recommend buying them if you aren’t absolutely sure that this girl is the one.” The old man said. Sirius looked back at the rings and thought about Remus. Of course he was ‘The One’.

“Trust me, he’s it.” Sirius said. The old man smiled gently at Sirius and didn’t make a comment on the whole he thing, which Sirius was grateful for.

“I’ll just wrap ‘em up, then.” The man said going over to the display case. He took out the rings and walked off with them.

“Well, I didn’t find anything. I mean it’s all… pretty, but none of it’s beautiful. We can go now.” James said coming back over to Sirius with a defeated look on his face.

“Hold up, mate, I’m buying something for Remus.” Sirius said.

“Ah decided to get into the holiday spirit, eh. Good on you.” James said.

“This isn’t about the bloody holidays. This is about Remus and making him happy.” Sirius said.

“Sure, well pay the man and lets get out of here. If I’m lucky maybe I can send for some catalogues for the shops in Diagon Alley and find something there.” James said.

Sirius shook his head at his friend’s attempts to by the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Lily would love anything James gave her as long as it came from James. Though it would be nice to see her get one good gift from James.

He wasn’t the best at picking out things that could be considered girl friendly. He had proved that by buying poor Lily a Quidditch book for her birthday. Lily had smiled and said she loved it, but it was clear to anyone that she would have preferred something more… romantic.

Sirius went over to the cash register and searched through his pants for his money. He didn’t have the whole 500 because who would carry that much money on them, but he did at least have half and James had come to Hogsmeade with almost double that amount. He had saved and saved over the summer for this present for Lily and Sirius thought that it was commendable for him to do something like that.

“James, be a mate and give me some money.” Sirius said.

“What? No, I saved for months to get this money.”

“I know, but I didn’t carry that much with me. Wasn’t looking to buy something this… expensive.”

“How expensive is it?” James asked.

“Not bad, 500 galleons.” Sirius said. For Sirius it was chump change, but for James it was a lot of money. He’d only ever consider spending that kind of cash on Lily.

“Well, I know you have the money with you so… I guess.” James said. He took out his money and Sirius counted out what he needed.

“Thanks, Prongs.” Sirius said.

“Thank you. Come again.” The old man said and Sirius smiled nicely at him.

He and James walked out of the story into the chilly winter air and looked around.

“Do you still want to look around a bit or should we head back?” Sirius asked.

“Hmmm, I could go for a butterbeer right now.” James said.

“As long as it’s your treat I’ll take one too.” Sirius said.

James sighed with a put upon expression and the two headed over to the Three Broomsticks. Just as they were about to enter the bar, Remus and an unknown boy came out laughing and looking happy.

James and Sirius backed away from the door and Remus and the other boy looked up to see James and Sirius standing in front of them. The other boy looked panicked for a second before regaining his composure, but Remus looked as though it was normal for him to be there when he said he was going to be working.

James looked over at Sirius who looked anger with his jaw twitching and his fists clenching.

“Oh hi guys. You’re still. I thought you would have been back at the castle by now. I mean you left ages ago.” Remus said.

“Remus I thought you said you had work to do?” James asked.

“Oh I did, but we ran out of parchment.” Remus said holding up a bag of parchment.

“We?” Sirius asked questioningly his mood not improving.

“Yeah, Siri, remember I said I was working with someone on my Arithmancy project. Sirius, James, this is Patrick Donohue. He’s in Ravenclaw.” Remus said.

Patrick held out his hand to James and James shook it politely. When he held his hand out for Sirius he didn’t get the same response.

“How could your run out of parchment? You have thousands of rolls.” Sirius said.

“I’ve been running low and I just put it off. I’ve been… busy.” Remus said as he looked heaven ward for a moment hoping to convey that it was the moon’s fault and not his own.

“And… Patrick didn’t have any parchment either.” Sirius said.

“That’s what I said Sirius. What’s got you in a mood tonight?” Remus asked.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Sirius said as he grabbed the sleeve of Remus’s robes and pulled him close. He wrapped his arms around Remus and kissed him lightly on the top of his head. Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius’s jealous antics and Patrick and James had to stifle a laugh.

“We were just about done, actually. Came into Hogsmeade and just decided to finish up the essay with a butterbeer.” Patrick said in a thick Irish accent.

“That’s great. Remy, let’s go back to the castle now and spend some time together. You’ve been working so hard this week I’ve hardly even seen you except during classes.” Sirius said.

“Sure, I guess.” Remus said.

“But, Sirius, what about our butterbeer?” James asked.

“I’ll take a rain check.” Sirius said already dragging off Remus by the wrist. When they were out of range Patrick turned to James with a startled look on his face.

“Well I’ve certainly heard the stories, but it’s another thing to see it up close.” Patrick said commenting on Sirius’s behavior.

“Yeah he’s fairly possessive when it comes to Remus.” James said.

“Yeah I can see that. I mine Remus is a nice guy and all, but…”

“You like girls. Doesn’t seem to matter to Sirius. Come near Remus and you’re likely to get your hand bitten off.” James said.

“I don’t understand why. I mean, all Remus could talk about was Sirius and the big surprise he has planned for him.” Patrick said.

He flinched knowing he had said too much to James. Remus said that no one was supposed to know what was going on and that’s why they had to be sneaky about it.

“Big surprise? Tell me what’s this about a big surprise.” James said with a huge grin on his face.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, especially Sirius. Remus would hex me if Sirius found out before Christmas.” Patrick said.

“Mum’s the word.”

Remus stretched out his arms as far as he could without hitting Sirius in the face. Ever since their first time together Remus had been sleeping in Sirius bed every night no matter if they had sex or not. It was nice waking up next to his boyfriend every day. Remus was usually up first and he took these few minutes to stare at Sirius without Sirius sending him suggestive looks.

It was his favorite few minutes in the day. He would snuggle up to Sirius’s blanket-warmed body and just watch as his chest went up and down from his even light breathing. Sometimes when Remus woke in the middle of the night he would watch Sirius as he slept. Sometimes his eyes would flicker when he was dreaming and Remus would try and guess what he was dreaming. It would sooth him to sleep.

Remus hated lying to Sirius. The vacation had started four days ago and already Remus had been spending the same amount of time with Sirius he regularly did, which wasn’t a lot. He was making arrangements for the ‘Big Surprise’, but he could see that Sirius was getting fed up with Remus’s lack of attention.

It wasn’t Remus’s fault though. He just wanted everything to be perfect and that meant going over every single detail and not a lot of time with his friends who also noticed his absence and commented on it. Remus couldn’t think about the frustration it was causing them because in the end it would be worth it for him and Sirius.

Sirius began to stir awake. He moved around and moaned a bit before his eyelids flickered open. He made stck stck noises with his tongue on the top of his mouth and groaned. He looked down at Remus who was smiling at him with bright eyes. Remus was always up before him no matter what the circumstances.

“Well this is a nice way to wake up.” Sirius said leaning down to give Remus a kiss. Remus smiled into the kiss.

“So, why don’t we just stay in bed all day. We can send Prongs or Wormtail to get us some food.” Sirius said.

“Um, well…”

“You don’t have to work again. Remus it’s the holiday. There’s no way your teachers gave that much work.”

“Well there is that huge Potions assignment. I just want to get it done before Christmas. I’m almost done anyway… shouldn’t you and James start on yours as well?” Remus asked.

“We’ll just end up doing it the Sunday before school starts back up again. It’s no big deal.” Sirius said.

“No big deal! It’s worth half your grade. You should get it done early so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Not all of us can care so much about school work as you, love. Didn’t you get a partner?”

“Yes, I’m working with Severus.” Remus said. This made Sirius sit up and take attention.

“Snivellus? Why would Professor Burns pair you up with Snape.”

“Well because the class is small and most of the kids that were in the class are going home for the holidays. We’re the only four that are staying home.” Remus said.

“Well, then he should have paired us together and gave Snivellus to Prongs.”

“Professor Burns knew that if he had paired us together we’d never get the project done. It’s not like you ever pay attention in class… and you’re supposed to be our hope against the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” Remus said.

“Well, you won’t be around when I go on special Auror missions so you won’t be there to distract me.” Sirius said.

“Yes, I’m the problem, it’s not because you just don’t like to listen in class.”

“Well then why not pair him up with Peter or Lily.”

“He paired them together. Besides Severus would do nothing but ridicule Peter and Lily if he were their partners.”

“Still doesn’t explain why Professor Burns put you with Snape. I mean… I could have…”

“No you couldn’t have. You two would have killed each other.”

“This may be true. I just don’t like the idea of you spending so much with Snivellus.”

“You don’t like me spending any time with anyone that isn’t you or Peter or Lily or James. I’m a person Sirius, not an object. You can’t just lock me in a box and expect me never to work with other people.” Remus said. Sirius could be extremely jealous at times and it just got on Remus’s nerves. It felt like Sirius didn’t trust him.

“I know that, Remy, but… well I just don’t like Snivellus period. Why was he so interested in finding out where you were going every month? I think he wants you.”

“The way you tell it everyone on the planet wants me.”

“Well why wouldn’t they. You’re smart and funny and great looking…”

“Shelve the insecurities Sirius. Look I’m going to take a shower get dressed and eat. If you want you can meet me down at the Great Hall, but I have to work today so if you don’t I’ll see you later.” Remus said giving Sirius a quick peck on the cheek.

Sirius watched as Remus walked out the door and off to the showers. He couldn’t believe that Remus had gotten mad at him. Granted Remus never really got mad at anyone, but he did get frustrated with people and it seemed Remus was frustrated with him. Sirius sighed. Sometimes he did let his insecurities get the best of him. It got extremely worse over the holidays. He just couldn’t help it sometimes.

He had seen the way Snape had looked at Remus before and after the Whomping Willow incident. It wasn’t a look he wanted to see directed at his boyfriend. Sirius decided to drop it. He opened the drawer to his nightstand and pulled out the rings. They were in a normal ring box that you could find anywhere.

Sirius couldn’t wait to see the look on Remus’s face when he gave Remus his ring. Sirius had done some research on the rings and had gotten the full extent of their magical abilities. They never came off once you put them on, but they also meant that you belonged to another person, that you were bonded to them and that meant more to Sirius then just the fact that he could never take them off.

He would gladly wear the ring forever if it meant that Remus would be his for forever. Sirius hadn’t put his on yet. All the books said that the rings had to be put on at the same time. Sirius figured that Christmas might as well be that time because no matter how much he hated the holiday Remus loved it.

Sirius got out of bed and decided to get dressed. He had taken a shower the night before so he didn’t need one although he really would have liked to surprise Remus. He figured Remus was probably already out of the shower, dressed and down at the Great Hall.

Remus didn’t very much care how he looked so he usually got ready faster then the other Marauders. He even took less time than Peter. Sirius figured if he got dressed right now spent a few minutes brushing down his hair that he’d make it to the Great Hall before Remus was done eating. Sirius wasn’t about to give up the few minutes he had with Remus just because he had some jealousy problems.

When Sirius was finished he headed down to the Great Hall and found Remus sitting with James, Lily and Peter. Helen had gone home for the holidays much to Peter’s friends’ delight. There were only a few people that had stayed over the holiday so the Great Hall wasn’t noise as it usually was.

It offered the friends a chance to catch up on the things that were going on in their lives. Sirius pulled up a seat next to Remus’s and pulled Remus’s seat closer to his own. He wrapped his arms around Remus’s waist and rested his head on Remus’s shoulder as he looked over at his friends.

“Hello everyone.” He said.

“So you decided to join us did you Padfoot.” James said noting that his friend had been sleeping in during the holiday missing breakfast and sometimes lunch and it had only been the weekend and two days since the vacation started.

“Yeah I was feeling a bit hungry. Pass me a muffin.” Sirius said to James.

“Well you did miss dinner last night.” Peter commented. This made Remus blush as he remembered why he and Sirius had missed dinner last night.

“Yeah you were acting like a caveman last night. I’m surprised you didn’t just throw Remus over your shoulder and beat your fists against your chest.” Lily said.

“Could we please take about something else.” Remus said his voice muffled from the croissant he was currently putting in his mouth.

He was flushed with embarrassment over the whole subject. Not that Remus much cared if people knew he and Sirius were a couple. Sirius had made sure that everyone knew with his possessive attitude, but still Remus didn’t like that his friends were talking so brazenly about his sex life. Some things were better left between him and Sirius.

“Aww, don’t get embarrassed, Moony. We’re just playing around.” James said.

“Still I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss that stuff… especially when we’re eating in a public place where everyone can hear us.” Remus said.

“Didn’t much bother you when you were practically groping each other last night. Doesn’t stop Lily and James from practically groping each other right now or you and Sirius.” Peter said.

“Oh, you’re just jealous that your girlfriend isn’t here for you to grope.” James said as he pulled Lily onto his lap. Lily giggled at her boyfriend’s antics, but she didn’t push him away.

“You’re probably right about that one, James, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be bitter.” Peter said.

“It’s only a few days. She’ll be back in no time.” Lily said comfortingly.

“You’re probably right. It’s just, everyone wants to be with the person they love during the holidays.” Peter said.

“Sod the holidays. I want to be with the person I love all the time.” Sirius said not minding that he let his romantic side show in front of his friends. They had all seen it before.

“Why thank you for that Siri.” Remus said as he leaned down to kiss Sirius on the lips.

“Eh hum.” Remus turned around before he could kiss Sirius leaving Sirius rather frustrated. Sirius turned to face whoever had stopped Remus from kissing him and scowled when he saw who it was.

“Hello Severus.” Remus said politely.

“Lupin.” Snape said in a rather unhappy tone.

“Wh… what are you doing here?” Remus asked rather shakily. Sirius didn’t miss the ‘caught’ look in his eyes even if it was only for a moment.

“I thought we would start early today. I was rather hoping to go into Hogsmeade today.” Snape said not missing a beat.

“Oh, um, I’m kind of in the middle of eating, but… I guess.” Remus said.

“You didn’t even finish your muffin.” Sirius said still keeping his grip on Remus’s waist.

“I know, but I’ll just eat a bigger breakfast. I’ll see you later.” Remus said untangling himself from Sirius’s hold. He gave Remus a quick kiss on the cheek and strode out of the Great Hall talking avidly to Snape about something Sirius couldn’t hear.

“Where is he off to with Snivellus?” James asked.

“Apparently they got paired up together for the Potions project.” Sirius said.

“No they didn’t.” Sirius turned around to stare at Peter.

“What do you mean they didn’t. Remus said they did.” Sirius said.

“Well he obviously lied to because we got paired up together. Snape got paired up with… I think it was Bellatrix… could’ve been Rudolphus.” Peter said.

“But he said you and Lily got paired up together.” Sirius said.

“Honestly Sirius do you ever pay attention in that class. I got paired up with Nancy Mackler.” Lily said.

“But Bellatrix and Rudolphus went home for the holidays.” Sirius said. “Well, Snape was supposed to, but he had a sudden change of heart.” Peter said.

“So… he lied to me?” Sirius asked.

“It would appear so, but why would he lie to you about something like that? And why is he working with Snape… what is her working on with Snape?” Peter asked.

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Sirius said as he got up from his seat and stormed out of the Great Hall.

“Bloody hell this isn’t going to go well.” James said. “James what’s going on?” Lily asked. James looked at his girlfriend and thought about what he should tell her.

“It’s a surprise, Lils. I’m not supposed to tell anyone what it is and Sirius is about to ruin it. I better go stop him.”

Sirius didn’t care if he had to search every classroom to find them. He was on a mission. Part of his brain tried to come up with a rational reason as to why Remus would lie to him and why he was spending so much time with Snivellus.

The other part, the part that still hadn’t given up the Black thinking mentality, thought he knew exactly what Remus was doing with Snape alone and he berated himself for even believing that Remus could be only his. It was the irrational, jealous, territorial and insecure side, but it was part of him no less then any other side. He just couldn’t stand to think of what Remus would have to hide from him… that was making him work with Snape of all people.

So Sirius yanked open ever door and looked through every crook and cranny searching for his boyfriend and his greasy enemy. He was going through every room in the top towers when the idea struck him.

They were probably in one of the dungeons. With that thought Sirius took off to the dungeons. He was hoping against hope that there was a plausible explanation and dreading that there wasn’t. when he got to one of the dungeons he could hear voices from the inside and he strained his ear to hear them.

“I just don’t like lying to him is all. I’ve never really lied to anyone before and it seems I’m doing it with ease lately.” Sirius recognized the voice as Remus’s and he held his breath listening to the rest of the conversation.

“You’re the one who suggested we keep it a secret. If you want I’ll tell him. I could rather do without his glares and possessive attitude. It’s rather irksome.” Sirius clenched his fists as heard low emotionless voice of Snape. He restrained himself to listen to the rest of the conversation.

“No! You can’t… I’ll tell him soon. Christmas. It’s only a few more days away anyway.”

“Whatever it’s your call, Lupin. Just make sure that boyfriend of yours doesn’t come near me. It’s bad enough that he thinks that his glares are intimidating I don’t need to be threatened on my vacation.”

“You slimy, greasy bastard! I’ll kill you!” Sirius screamed as he barged through the door hell bent on causing Snape some serious pain.

“Sirius! What are you doing here?” Remus said standing in front of Sirius before he could charge at Snape.

“What am I doing here! What are you doing here! Peter told me that you go paired up with him for the Potions project so what are you doing hanging out with this git!” Sirius yelled.

“Siri calm down. There’s a reasonable explanation for this…”

“Are you shagging him!”

“What! Are you insane why would…”

“Just answer the question Remus! Are you?”

“Of course not! I can’t even believe you would think that?”

“What else am I supposed to think. You’re sneaking off with him and lying to me. What are you keeping from me Remus?” Sirius asked.

Remus took a deep breath and sighed. He really didn’t want to tell Sirius this way what with it not being Christmas and everything wasn’t ready yet. He would just have to see if he could cool Sirius down a bit and then hold off until Christmas. If he was lucky he’d be able to pull it off.

“Siri, just calm done for a second okay. I can explain all of this, but… not right now.”

“Oh, right, why can’t you tell me. Is it some secret.” Sirius said sarcastically.

“As a matter of fact it is.” Remus said. “

You’re lying to me. You were already lying to me. How do I know that you’re not lying to me right now! Maybe this whole relationship has been one big lie!” Sirius said.

“Sirius don’t say…” Remus said as he tried to reach out for Sirius’s hand. Sirius batted him away.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t even come near me! I should have never believed you when you said you loved me! I should have never tried to… just leave me alone!” Sirius screamed as he barreled out of the dungeon.

He was almost to Gryffindor Tower when he ran into James.

“Whoa, Padfoot, slow down. What’s wrong?” James asked.

“Remus… he… he’s shagging that hooked nose git!” Sirius yelled.

“What? That’s insane! Remus would never do something like that.” James said.

“What other explanation is there for it?” Sirius said.

“Well did you actually see them… you know shagging?” James said.

“No, but they were talking about it… and Remus wasn’t denying anything.”

“Sirius I just don’t think that Remus would do something like that.”

“Oh sure take his side. You’re supposed to be my best friend!”

“I am, but I just think if Remus was keeping something from you it would be for a good reason.”

“Yeah he’s shagging someone as ugly as Snivellus.”

“That’s not what I meant.” James said with an exasperated sigh.

“I mean there’s got to be some plan that Remus has up his sleeve…”

“Do you know what’s going on James?” Sirius asked in a deadly serious voice.

“I…I… um, well, I don’t really know…” “You know something and you didn’t tell me! Some friend you are!” Sirius said.

“Wait Sirius, I don’t…”

“Just leave me alone James! You and Remus can piss off for all I care.” Sirius said fleeing from James.

James was left to stand in the corridor feeling oddly numb by what just happened. A few minutes later Remus came barreling up the stairs breathing heavily like he had just run a marathon.

“Did you see him? Did he… was he angry?” Remus said as he tried to catch his breath.

“Livid is more like it. I’ve never seen him that angry.” James said.

“Bloody hell.” Remus muttered. James looked at him with wide eyes. It was out of character for Remus to swear. This was bad.

“What are you going to do?” James asked.

“Well I can’t talk to him right now. He’d probably hex me or something… worse. If I just give him a little time to cool off and I can explain what’s going on.” Remus said.

“Let’s hope he calms done. He’s even angry at me.”

“Why’s he angry at you?”

“Well, I know what you’re planning Remus. I think it’s great really and don’t worry you were being very sneaky. Patrick told me what it was. I just hope that you can settle things with Sirius before Christmas otherwise he’s going to feel like a major arse when he finds out what you’ve been up to.”

Sirius didn’t calm done though. He refused to eat meals with them or acknowledge that Remus or James were in the same room as him. Remus would have broken down if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had so much work to do before the surprise was finished.

He through himself into his work knowing that once he was done everything would go back to normal and hopefully Sirius would drop his insecurities as well. It didn’t stop the pain that came when Sirius would ignore him or stick his nose up at him. It didn’t help the emptiness that came from the fact that for the first time in months Remus wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as Sirius the person he loved most in the world.

He just trudged on and on one or two nights he didn’t even make it into the dorm and would knock out in the common room after coming back from casting various spells to get everything ready.

Sirius was only talking to Peter refusing to acknowledge even Lily because he figured that James most have told her what was going on as well being that she was his girlfriend. Peter had enough sense to not openly say that he thought Sirius had to be mistaken. He just nodded his head and listened to Sirius rant and rave that Remus was off with his new boyfriend.

James had told Peter that everything would go back to normal soon so Peter endured even though he saw how much it was hurting all his friends. Sirius was a visible mess. He would go from angry to weepy to angry again. It was not something Peter thought he would ever see in his lifetime.

Sure Sirius gave glimpses to the side that Peter doubted anyone but Remus and possibly James ever saw, but to see the weepy side out in the open for all to see was just a little too weird for Peter to handle.

James for the most part was giving Sirius space. He tried to approach his best friend, but it usually ended in Sirius yelling at him. James told himself that Christmas was only a day away and everything would be settled after that. He just hoped Sirius didn’t feel to bad when he found out the real reason Remus was spending time with Snape.

Christmas Eve found Sirius lying in bed with his curtains drawn and as many Impenetrable Charms and Silencing Charms around them as possible. He just wanted to be left alone. He was curled up on his side in the fetal position clutching the rings he had bought for himself and Remus.

He was going to take them back, but he was just mesmerized by how shiny they still were to his eyes. He knew he was still deeply in love with Remus and the part of his brain that knew that was telling him to just talk to Remus there would be an explanation for everything. Sirius just couldn’t get himself to do it so he ended up ranting to Peter who just looked frightened and confused.

So now, when his most hated holiday was coming up, Sirius was utterly only. He had closed himself off from his friends and Remus. He didn’t even want to think about what Remus was up to. He didn’t even want to think about Remus, but his mind seemed to wander there so often. He remembered everything about Remus with such clarity that it scared him.

Sirius just couldn’t believe he loved someone as much as he loved Remus. He thought back to the night before that stupid day in the dungeons. Remus had come into the Great Hall and Sirius was so happy to see him. He had wandered off somewhere leaving Sirius alone all day. Sirius hadn’t even let him sit down.

Remus was about to say hi to everyone when Sirius had grabbed the sleeve of his robes and pulled him all the way to Gryffindor Tower occasionally stopping to snog and grope Remus a bit before making his way to the dorms.

When they got to the dorms Sirius had pushed Remus down on his bed and continued to kiss and grope and lick and nuzzle Remus till Remus is begging for more. Their clothes came off in a flurry of movement and Sirius can remember it all happening so fast, but then slowing down at moments.

Like when he finally thrust into Remus and the awe on Remus’s face as though it were the first time that they had done that. Sirius remembered the words that were spoken between them. The sex talk and the ‘I love you’s. Remus seemed to say it over an over and over again and at the time Sirius had been delighted, but now it was just serving to hurt him.

He didn’t want to think about Remus right now. He wanted to be angry with Remus, but he wasn’t angry with Remus. He was angry with himself. There was still the possibility that Remus was hiding something worth hiding. That there was an explanation for why he was hiding something, but Sirius’s jealous reaction would surely push Remus over the edge.

How many times had he acted that way? How many times had he been possessive or overbearing? How many times had Remus said that he had hated it? How many times did Remus need to tell him that he loved him before Sirius believed him? If Sirius had been in Remus’s position Sirius wouldn’t have put up with it. He couldn’t believe how he acted. He had been nothing short of a lunatic.

Sirius just wanted to sleep forever and forget about it. It was the only way he knew to dull the pain because he was too stubborn to admit that he might have been wrong and even if he did admit it would Remus even listen to him. Would Remus finally have had enough of Sirius’s jealous ways and find someone who trusted him and didn’t have as many issues as Sirius did?

“Sirius… Sirius. Come on wake up.” Sirius felt someone shaking him, but that was impossible. He had put charms around him to keep people away.

“Sirius, come on wake up.” The shaking continued and the voice grew more urgent.

Sirius stirred awake and looked up to see Remus standing over him. He was wearing regular muggle jeans and a white shirt, which was a bit dirty. He looked very good standing there in muggle clothes with his hair in disarray and dirt smudged on his clothes and face.

“What do you want?” Sirius said his voice sounding as harsh as it could despite being sleepy.

“Come one we have to go somewhere.” Remus said.

“Why should I go anywhere with you?” Sirius said mentally slapping himself for his stupidity. This was his out. This was his way to redeem himself and possibly find out why Remus was spending time with Snape.

“If you ever loved me, you’ll come with me right now.” Remus said his voice dead serious. He didn’t wait for Sirius’s response as he walked out of the dorm.

Sirius sighed. He got up from his bed and looked around for a jacket. When he found one he put on his shoes thought about it for a second and grabbed the rings then walked out of the dorm room to catch up with Remus who was waiting for him near the portrait hole.

Remus walked out of the common room and into the corridor not bothering to look behind him to see if Sirius was following. He just knew that he was. When they reached the main entrance Sirius finally got up the courage to ask where they were going.

“So, are you going to tell me where we’re headed?” Sirius asked.

“You’ll see.” Came Remus’s cryptic response.

Sirius sighed again and followed Remus out into the cold night air. They walked the Hogwarts grounds till they came to the Whomping Willow. Remus prodded the knot like an expert. He had been doing this for seven years.

“Okay, jump in.” Remus said.

“What, why?” Sirius asked.

“Just do it.” Remus said a little harsher then he meant to.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Sirius said as he jumped down the hole into the Whomping Willow.

Sirius knew this led to the Shrieking Shack. He had been through this ordeal more then once as well. He just didn’t understand why they we’re going down here when the full moon wasn’t out.

Remus was following behind him so Sirius trudged on hoping this whole ordeal had a point because he was freezing. They moved till they got to the Shrieking Shack and Sirius still didn’t see anything different or grand. At this point Remus walked in front of him and stopped him at the room that Remus usually stayed in when he was a werewolf.

“Okay, now, you really don’t deserve this. I mean I should have just forgotten all about it. I don’t know why I put up with you sometimes, but you know me and you know that I’m not someone who does things half way so…” Remus trailed of as he opened the door.

The room was nothing like Sirius remembered it. Gone was the run down looking room and its place stood a bright, warm nicely decorated room. Candles were lit and furniture added. It looked as if it were taken away from a fancy hotel room and stuck on the Shrieking Shack.

It was painted in cream colors and there was a roaring fireplace. The bed… oh the bed was huge and plush and had tons of blankets. The floors were polished and glowing and there was a rug that looked oriental in the middle of the room.

“Wait… what… what did you do?” Sirius asked.

“Charms and Potions a little Transfiguration where it was needed. Nothing much, although I did need some help with the Charms and Potions so I asked help from the top students in both classes.” Remus said.

Sirius took a few minutes to realize what Remus was saying. The thing that he was hiding from Sirius was this room. This brightly lit room that was plush and lavish and clearly made up of all magic. This was why he was working with Patrick Donohue and Snivellus and it made Sirius feel like the biggest jerk in the world.

“Dumbledore said we could stay here for the rest of the vacation. He put a Sanctuary Spell around the Shrieking Shack you know just in case. I was going to take you here and well I thought it would be a nice holiday for us if we were alone. I wanted to give you your present here.” Remus said as Sirius wandered aimlessly around the room.

“I’m a bloody idiot.” Sirius said after a few minutes of silence.

“Well, yes and no. You’re just Sirius, overprotective, overbearing, possessive, dominant, insecure, sometimes and idiot Sirius, but you want to know what I love most about you?” Remus asked. Sirius turned around to look at Remus in the face. There were tears in Remus’s eyes and he was standing there with a big smile on his face.


“Well you have your flaws, like everyone, but you’re still sweet, kind, caring, loyal, smart, funny, great looking, romantic and sensitive even though you don’t always show it to most people, but mostly I love you because you’re you. No other reason, but that. I can’t… I don’t think I can explain it because it just is. Maybe sometimes I wish you wouldn’t act like a git, but that’s just another part of you so I love it to sick as that may sound.” Remus said.

“I don’t… I don’t understand why you doubt me, but it hurts. It hurts that you can’t trust me, that you think I would actually… hurt you that way. I don’t understand why you think… some of the things you think, but I try. I try to understand you Siri and sometimes all I get is you closing up on me and I think it all comes from the same reason. The reason why you hate all purebloods. The same reason you hate Christmas. The same reason you don’t tell me about your childhood. I think it’s all part of the same reason. Your family.” Remus said.

Sirius closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He sat down on the bed and stared off at the fireplace.

“I really do hate them.” Sirius said.

“I know you do. I know they’re… well I don’t them personally. Just stories I hear from James… and the way you act. I’d like to know.”

“I really don’t want to talk about them. They don’t matter. You’re the only thing that matters, Remus.”

“Well that’s great, Sirius, but they do matter. See they affect the way you treat me. Sirius I love you, but I can’t be tied to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.”

“I know. I just, I wish I could not feel like… I wish I could…”

“Sirius, it doesn’t matter. See this is why we’re here. I just want to prove to you once and for all that I’m yours. No one else’s.” Remus said. He walked over to a desk and picked up a goblet.

“What’s that?” Sirius asked.

“It’s a bonding potion. See I wasn’t exactly sure how to make it. It’s a pretty complex potion so I asked Severus to help me. He, of course, said no considering he hates you and wants to do everything he can to make your life miserable, but Dumbledore asked him personally to help me so he grudgingly did so.” Remus said.

“And what exactly is a bonding potion?” Sirius asked even though he had a strong feeling he already knew what a bonding potion was.

“Well we put our blood in it and then we let it mix a bit. Then we drink it and… um… well see the bed… there’s a magical circle and… well we have to um…”

“Remus if you can do it you can say it.” Sirius said teasingly.

“We make love and then the ritual is complete. We’re bonded together and it’s like marriage only more severe.” Remus said.

Sirius sat on the bed looking on silently. His hands were in his jacket pockets and he was holding the box with the rings in it. Looked like he and Remus had the same idea, but for some reason Remus’s seemed bigger. He had spent all this time and energy for him and all Sirius could do was jump to the wrong conclusions.

“Remus, why would you want to tie yourself to someone like me.” Sirius whispered.

“Because I love you.” Remus answered honestly.

“But I’m… I have so many flaws and you don’t. I mean Remus, you’re perfect.” Sirius said and that was when Sirius realized why he was so possessive of Remus. Remus was too good for him. Remus was better then him.

“Me, perfect! That’s a laugh Siri. I have lots of things wrong with me or do I have to remind you what this room is usually used for.”

“That’s just it. Remus after everything life has handed you you’re still so strong and brave and courageous and good. I’m just me. I’m just Sirius Black from the Black family all of them destined to do nothing but dark magic and live like snobs. Why would you ever love someone like me.”

“I thought I just told you. I just do! I don’t have a certain reason I just do.”

“Are you sure that you’re willing to be tied to me for the rest of your life?”

“More then anything in this world. I just want it the way it should be. I’m yours and you’re mine.” Remus said.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Sirius said. He pulled Remus close to him and stood up. Sirius was a little taller then Remus, but not by much. He leaned down and pressed his lips against Remus’s.

“Wait, we have to finish the potion.” Remus said ending the kiss.

Sirius’s arms stay wrapped around his waist and though there wasn’t much room to move around he turned and grabbed a ceremonial knife that was lying on the nightstand.

“Here, why don’t I cut you and you cut me.” Remus said holding the knife to Sirius.

“Okay.” Sirius grabbed the knife and Remus held out his palm.

Sirius didn’t want to cut Remus considering how many scratches he gave himself during the full moon. Sirius kissed Remus’s palm and made a small cut on Remus’s palm. Remus gasped at the initial pain, but it dulled and he squeezed the blood into the potion. Sirius handed Remus the knife and held out his palm. Remus cut a small line and Sirius squeezed a few drops of blood into the potion.

“So how long does this take to work?” Sirius asked.

“A few minutes. The blood has to mix in with the potion. I’ve already got everything else set up so all that’s left to do is drink and…” Remus trailed off looking at the bed. Sirius smiled at Remus’s shy demeanor. He pulled Remus in for another small kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered against Remus’s lips. A beautiful smile graced Remus’s lips and he looked down at the potion.

“It’s ready. Well, last chance to turn back.” Remus said.

“Never. Being with you is all I’ve ever wanted.” Sirius said.

Remus smiled again and he took the first drink of the potion. When he drank the amount of potion he needed to be affective. He handed the goblet to Sirius and he drank the rest of the potion. He through the goblet down and attacked Remus.

Their clothes end up all over the place. Sirius knew he has being a bit savage, but he could taste something in that potion. Something that was powerful and strong and it just felt right. His actions felt right. Remus didn’t mind being more of the submissive one. Sirius laid them gentle on the bed and began to kiss Remus.

Remus’s hands roamed around Sirius’s back and sides and their kisses became more heated. It was as if they were exactly in tune with what the other needed and craved. Every touch felt more sensitive then any time before. There was nothing but them. They were all that existed. They didn’t even need words to communicate to each other they just knew.

Sirius began to kiss a sloppy trail down Remus’s neck. Remus’s eyes went wide at the things Sirius was doing to him. It felt as if Sirius’s hands were everywhere and his mouth was everywhere and every place where their skin touched seemed to feel over sensitive and tingly and hot. It had never been liked this before.

Remus wouldn’t deny that every time with Sirius was good, but this time it was heightened from, Remus guessed, the potion. Sirius seemed to be feeling the affects as well. He seemed to want to possess Remus whole. He wanted to hold Remus forever. He wanted to kiss him and touch him and lick him and nuzzle him and just never let him go, but there was a burning need inside of him. He needed Remus so much more then he had ever wanted him before.

Sirius groped around the nightstand trying to find some lube. He found a tube in the drawer of the nightstand and quickly uncapped it. He squirted some of it on his fingers and his movements were hurried and filled with need. His fingers moved to Remus’s hole and he lightly fingered around the ring of muscle.

Remus gasped at the feeling his breath coming in harsh pants and needy moans. Sirius pushed the finger inside and moved it around a bit. He pushed it in and out a bit before removing it to add another finger to the first one. He pushed them a bit and made scissoring motions as he had done many times before all the while watching and listening to Remus’s reactions. He loved the breathy moans and the whimpers and the gasps and groans.

They still weren’t talking, but there was still a heavy amount of communication going on. When Sirius’s fingers brushed against Remus’s prostate Remus let out a keening wail. His eyes opened wide and he looked over at Sirius. The look in his eyes told Sirius that Remus wanted him at that moment. That he couldn’t wait any longer. Sirius pulled out his finger ignoring Remus’s whimper.

He quickly coated his hard cock in lube and positioned his cock at Remus’s hole. Sirius pushed in slowly wanting the feeling to last forever. When he was all the way inside he leaned over Remus and placed an open mouth kiss on Remus’s lips. Sirius began to thrust gentle motions that could barely be registered as movement, but Remus and Sirius could feel it acutely. Their faces were so close they were practically breathing the same air… breathing in each other.

Soon Sirius’s thrust couldn’t be slower. He had to move faster. He moved his angle so he was brushing against Remus’s prostate at every thrust. He grabbed a hold of Remus’s cock and began to struck it in time with his thrusts. Remus grabbed a hold of Sirius’s shoulders and held on tight loosing himself in the feeling of Sirius inside of him.

He looked up at Sirius’s face. His eyes were tightly closed and he was breathing harshly. It was the most beautiful sight Remus had ever seen. Sirius’s thrusts became erratic and Remus knew that Sirius was so close. He was just as close. Sirius was trying hard to hold on to the feeling, but he knew that he was going to cum soon and though he wanted to keeping making love to Remus he needed the release.

Remus felt his balls tighten and knew that he was coming. Spurts of milky white cum jetted out of Remus’s cock and onto his stomach and Sirius’s hand. Sirius felt the constriction of Remus’s sphincter muscles and after a few more well placed thrust he was coming as well. They stood holding each other wrapped in the others arms with Sirius on top of Remus for minutes basking in the afterglow.

Words just seemed useless at the time and they just gazed at each other knowing that something big had just taken place. something that would tie them together for the rest of their lives and they couldn’t be happier. Sirius was the first to break their blissful silence.

“So we have this place for a whole week undisturbed.” Sirius said with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, amazing huh. This is… that was… it was, excuse the pun, magical.” Remus said.

“Yeah, so we’re bonded now.” “I think so. Of course I don’t feel any different, but I think that’s because I already knew that I belonged to you before the bonding.”

“Well I belong to you too. Forever.” Sirius said.

“Forever, I like the sound of that.” Remus said. Sirius moved off of Remus and on to the bed.

He pulled Remus close to him. Remus snuggled close to Sirius and they stayed like that before Sirius remembered his present. He got up, leaving a curious Remus to stay lying on the bed. Sirius grabbed his jacket from the floor and fished around for the rings. When he grasped them, he laid back down on the bed and snuggled up to Remus.

“Here’s your gift.” He said handing Remus his present. Remus opened it and gasped.

“Sirius, they’re… they’re so beautiful. What… what are they?” Remus asked.

“Well they’re bonding rings. Apparently we were thinking along the same lines.”

“Oh, well great minds do think alike. Are they… they aren’t silver right?” Remus asked.

“Nope, perfectly werewolf safe. They don’t ever come off though. We’re stuck with them forever. If you have one it means you belong to someone.”

“Well that works for me because I do belong to you.” Remus said.

“Why don’t you put mine on my finger and I’ll put yours on your finger.” Sirius said. Remus smiled at him and held out his finger. Sirius put on the ring and kissed it. Remus repeated the action.

“So, why’d you pick Christmas to do this?” Sirius asked thinking of all the time before this they could have gone through with the bonding ritual.

“Well the potion takes a while to brew and all this takes a while to set up. I also wanted to do it when no one would notice we were gone. Mainly, though, I knew you hated Christmas and I wanted to change your idea about the holiday. I wanted to change it into something that was just for us. I know you don’t love Christmas as much as I do. For me Christmas is the one time I can just forget that about the things that happen on full moon nights. I can be with my family and we can sit and eat roast and drink eggnog and have a pleasant meal. I just wanted to give you a reason to like it… I wanted to try and erase your past experiences and fill them with some better ones.” Remus said.

“Well I guess this does make me like it more. If I can spend the rest of Christmases with you as my family I’m sure we can find some way to make them more livable.” Sirius said.

“Good because I love Christmas… and I love you so it’s good that I can have both.”

“Like I could deny you anything.” Sirius said.

“No you probably couldn’t. Happy Christmas, Sirius.”

“Happy Christmas, Remus.”


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