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From this moment on, stories will be linked from LiveJournal, unless they are a Spike/Angel or a Spike/Xander story or I feel the urge to tag the whole thing with paragraph tags. It's just much easier that way.

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About the Site...

Some changes have been made because I not only write Buffy and Angel stuff. I've expanded so much that this site just keeps getting bigger and bigger without my knowledge. I was forced to examine things and came to the conclusion that the Art Gallery had to go. This is just for housing fics now. And those fics are just mine. I can't seem to stop writing, but I guess that's a good thing... right? Anyway just thought the changes should be noted.

Front page artwork created by Nina Cordero

Legal Disclaimer and Crap Like That:

So let's do this now and get it over with. I don't own these characters. They belong to Joss Whedon and his people or JKR and her people or CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer and their people, Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Jonathan Glassner, MGM and all those people.

Secondly, this is sort of an adult site. You know rated R, maybe NC-17 and all that good stuff. Please no minors unless you're willing to take the responsibility for your own actions. Of course I don't see the harm, but there obviously is if I feel compelled to write this. Also there are a few M/M stories on here. You know Slash fan fiction. If that offends you or if, again, you're a minor don't read that stuff.

Okay that's it. Go. Read.

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I didn't win anything this year for the CSI fan fiction awards, but I still one last year and this is special. The button takes you to my lj. I write mostly in there so if you're waiting for updates or something, that's the place to go. Other than that I have nothing to say. Enjoy reading.